Tuesday, June 7, 2011

True Confessions: The Quickie Edition

Tuesdays are True Confession days over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  My day has been one for the books, so I apologize for the bullet points.

This week:
  • I have not run in 10 days.  I'm a little afraid to start again, but I plan to bite the bullet and run either this weekend or on Monday.  Pray that nothing hurts.
  • I have done a few days of push-ups and a few NTC workouts.  I also did yoga one day. Still, not nearly enough to counteract the lack of running.
  • I'm stressed about getting everything wrapped up for the end of the school year.
  • Because I'm stressed, I'm not making the best food choices.
  • I've been very emotional this week and I don't like it, but friends are telling me it's ok to feel, so that's what I'm choosing to do.
  • I just received my coursework for my 2 grad classes and looked at the dates and realized I've bitten off WAY more than I can choose.  I have about a month to complete both classes and get everything submitted for my job.  I'm hoping I haven't completely screwed myself.
  • I want to make good heath and food choices, but I'm afraid I'm failing at that right now.  I will do better.  It's a requirement.
Hopefully this isn't the first time you've come across my blog.  If it is, I promise it usually looks better than this, but this is also me keeping it real.  Some days I literally only have 5 minutes to write.  Not every post is going to be life changing.  Heck, the majority of them won't be, but hopefully you will stick with me on the journey.

How was your week?  Give me one brag - something you did for YOU this week.

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