Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weigh-in Wednesday: photos don't lie

Late last week, I posted to IG about a great non-scale victory. I got back into this favorite pair of Silver jeans and I have to admit, I was feeling pretty skinny.

Even my butt looked smaller :)

But then race photos came out from Sunday's Bridge Run.

Not flattering AT.ALL.  Sure, I'm smiling but I saw the picture and all that confidence from 3 days earlier was gone.  Friends kept finding this one and tagging me on FB.  Oh the joys of social media.

At least you can see how pretty the setting was.  This is around mile 6 in Riverside Park.  I was still hanging with the pacers.

Looks like I was happy to finally pull away from the pacers at mile 8.  This picture is a bit better, too.

I decided to just have fun in this race.  That shows on my face.  Also, I'm a dork and need to not pose for the photographers.  (That dude in the jacket owes me big for being his rabbit.  Maybe he was just checking out my ass for 10 miles.)

Another not-so-flattering picture from the finish line.  Obviously I'm glad to be done (and it's cool that both of my feet are off the ground).  

So, if photos don't lie, which picture should I believe?  The skinny selfie?  The fat hanging over the fuel belt?  The strong runner at the finish?  I really don't know anymore.  As for the weigh-in this week - I'm up .6 pounds.  Better than the 3 pounds I was up just 2 days ago.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 16

Week 16 was a pretty decent week.  I managed to get in 4 runs this week and came within 3 minutes of my 10 mile PR on Sunday at the Bridge Run.

I struggled a bit to hit paces this week but for the most part, I made it.  I did not get enough strength work but on at least a few days I did my Kinetic Revolution workouts.  I need a kick in the ass to get the tabata going again.

I don't really feel like listing everything out this week so basically I had 4 runs: 7 miles at 10:43, 6 mile tempo at 10:15 ave (tempo miles were around 9:45), 6 miles easy at 10:59, and the 10 mile race at 10:24.  Rest day on Saturday and strength work on Tues and Thurs.

This coming weekend I'm running the Detroit Women's Half and working the expo for Another Mother Runner.  I can't wait!

What's on your plate for this week?

Monday, September 15, 2014

LMCU Bridge Run 10 Miler #racereport

On Sunday I ran a great, local 10 mile race as a training run for the Detroit Marathon. Now, before you say, "But Bari can't run races as training runs!" let me assure you that this time I did! I know - crazy talk!

This really is a fun course, crossing the Grand River a few times and passing several historical sites and museums during the 10 mile run. If you are relatively close to Grand Rapids, MI, I suggest you put this one on your radar for 2015.

No mile by mile recap for this race, but some overall impressions.

  • Pacers can help you control your enthusiasm.  I knew I was in no shape to run a PR at this race (my PR is 1:40:56 at this same race 2 years ago) so attempting to do so would have been very risky and stupid.  Being reminded that the goal for this run was TRAINING and not a race influenced my decision to line up with the 11 m/m pacers.  I decided I would stick to them like glue for the first 8 miles and then if I felt good, push the pace for the last 2.  This worked great, with paces of 10:43, 10:36, 10:52, 11:00, 11:02, 10:53, 10:45 and 10:44 for the first 8 and then 10:11 and 9:31 (but run in 7 something because my Garmin measured short) for the last 2 miles.
  • Pacers may not run how you would like to run.  Look at my splits.  They were clearly running MUCH faster than an 11 m/m pace for the first 3 miles.  This was fine for me since I'm capable of those paces, but a lot of people dropped from this group by the 2nd aide station.  I would have preferred to start slower and speed up for a negative split.  I know now what to ask at the Detroit Women's Half next weekend.
  • Running with friends is fun but not necessary.  I started with some friends but we all had different goals and paces.  This was fine and I just got lost in my music and the pretty riverside scenery.

  • Non-traditional bling is fun from time to time.  This is the first year the Bridge Run has offered a medal to all participants and at first, I was disappointed to see it was a key chain, but now I think it's kind of cool and it's hanging on a chain from my bling rack.  The shirt turned out really nice too.  It's a soft, cotton t-shirt and a little bit fitted. The color is pretty and I have enough tech shirts, so being ticked that it was cotton when I got to packet pickup was silly.
  • Being only about 3 minutes off of PR pace when you weren't even trying to run fast is frustrating.
  • Small races in my area mean I can run fairly well and still suck in the rankings. I finished 57/71 in my Age Group.  372/476 females and 658/788 overall.  I really prefer to be in the top 50% and today I wasn't even close.  I know I'm in a really fast age group, but this is ridiculous. 
  • I showed a lot of growth as a runner on Sunday.  I had a guy on my 6 the ENTIRE race.  He lined up with the pace group and when I made my move at mile 8 to take off, he matched me and stayed right on my ass.  If I tried to surge, he surged too.  If I pulled back, so did he.  It was really pissing me off.  With .1 left to go and in the finishing shoot, I slowed up and let him pass me.  Beating this a-hole and getting hurt in the process was not the point today.  I hope in some way that maybe I was his rabbit to a huge PR.  A thank you at the finish would have been nice though.
What would you have done in that situation?  Kick his ass at the finish (which I think I was capable of doing) or let him go?