Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: I failed

Yep.  That would be a gain this week.  Did you know it's possible to gain weight on a very low carb diet?  Well, it really isn't, at least not this early into the plan.  The fact that I gained means I fucked up.

This past weekend included two graduation parties and a grown-ups party.  I thought I could handle it and make good choices, but obviously I was wrong.

make good choices

It sucks to have undone over half of what I managed to accomplish (for the record, I was 157 two days ago).  Yes, I know that the majority of this is water, as evidenced by my loss of two of these pounds yesterday, but it still sucks.  I failed and now I'm starting over again.  I know this is why I won't ever commit to strict Whole30 or something like that.  I know I can't do it and then every slip-up will send me into a self-hate spiral.  Proof positive this weekend.

I don't totally hate myself but I'm definitely not happy.

Back to square one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday: downward trend

Whoa...I got so busy at work today that I totally forgot to post this.  Yep, I've managed to lose just over 5 pounds in the first week of low-carb.  I know it's all water at this point, but it's nice to see the downward trend and to be below 155 again.  Maybe eventually I'll even see the low 140s (although at this point I don't have a goal weight in mind).

I have to admit, what I've been eating the past week or so has been pretty boring.  I've made 2 different quiches to alternate for breakfasts because eating the same one every day last week got really old, and I'm having the same basic BLAT salad for lunch every day (bacon, lettuce, avocado, turkey, a tiny bit of tomato, and ranch dressing).  If I've had a few carbs and calories left at the end of the day, I've treated myself to a glass of red wine (3.5 carbs vs close to 20 in a beer).

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIAW: the first few days of low carb

After a weekend of running and binging on carbs, I started by low carb diet (I really hate that word but it is what it is) on Monday.  Aside from a little headache and tiredness, I'm doing ok.  The goal the first 2 weeks is to keep my carbs around 20 grams.  Monday I was almost double that and yesterday I was at about 25, so I'm getting better.  Calories have been around 1250-1300.  I'm also drinking a boat load of water and peeing about every 10 minutes. Joy.

I've found a couple really good recipes so far, so I thought I'd share them with you.  Breakfasts this week have been this incredible Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Crustless Quiche.  I made it Sunday night and I've been reheating a slice every morning.

Everything is better with bacon.
Lunches have been salads with a ton of protein.  This was Monday's salad and the carrots, peppers and tomatoes contributed to my too many carbs.   Also, who would have thought roast beef would have carbs??? Live and learn.  Yesterday I had turkey, bacon, lettuce, avocado and ranch and the carb count was much lower and it tasted even better.

Dinner the past 2 nights (because this made a lot and I didn't want to be tempted by the kids' tacos yesterday) was Low Carb Meatballs Parmesan.  I can't even begin to tell you how good this was.  Probably my new favorite meatball recipe.  I served mine with zoodles and the rest of the family had pasta.

For a snack Monday night, I went with cheese and pepperoni.  I need to find some better snacks because even though they say the fat count shouldn't matter, this was TOO MUCH. It was delicious though.  I'd forgotten how yummy cold pepperoni can be.

I think the hardest thing so far has been cravings for tortilla chips.  They are truly my Kryptonite.    On the plus side, I have already lost the 2.8 pounds I gained from my race and weekend carb fest, so my weight is back to where it was last Wednesday.

Do you have any favorite, low carb snacks?