Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Training Tuesday: sick sucks

I've been trying to get my 2-a-day workouts in but it's getting harder and harder.  I've been sick now for over 2 weeks and I'm finally admitting defeat.  I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

Running: 3 runs for 12.25 miles (paces ranged from 9:56 inside to 11:19 in the snow)
Cycling: 2 rides for 19.5 miles (averages around 15-15.7 mph)
Lifting: 4 30 minute sessions.

I hope this week is better (so far it's sucked - I lifted yesterday but only lasted 4 miles on the bike).  I need to get my workouts in or I'm not going to be eating anything I'm making for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Plus, I challenged my friends to a virtual Turkey Day 8k Thanksgiving morning - I can't very well not participate in my own challenge.  Suck.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fitness Friday: winter came too early

Grand Rapids, Michigan just broke its 1895 record for the snowiest November on record, and we still have 9 days left.  The last total I saw was 28.5 inches, which is still about 56 inches less than Buffalo, so I guess I can be thankful I don't live there.

Now they are predicting a warm-up this weekend with freezing rain to go on top of all this snow.

I'm really not ready for this.  I'd wave the white flag but I'm afraid no one would see it behind the mounds of white crap we already have.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Plans

I'm thankful that next Thursday I'll be cooking the majority of Thanksgiving dinner.  This means I can control somewhat the offerings and make them a bit on the healthier, less gluten-laden variety.

Now, that doesn't mean things like stuffing and pies won't also make their appearance, because they will, but hopefully some new foods will get the seal of approval as well.

If anyone has some tried and true paleo side dish and dessert recipes, I'm all ears!