Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Into Action Week 4: Buff Brazen Bunnies

I can't believe we have completed 4 weeks of this challenge already.  I'm super busy today at work, so this will be short (I hope).  My fellow Bunny, Kirsten, said she is really starting to feel those push ups. I am too, but I think my chest/arms are more PO'd than getting Buff.  Anyhoo.....
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Yep!  This past week was a step-down week, so my long run was only 10 miles I can't believe I just typed *only* 10 miles!  I didn't run with my running group but instead, ran a 10 mile route I ran last September when I was training for my 1/2 marathon.  Dude - I took 15 minutes off my time!!!!!  I ran it this time in 1:43! 6 months ago, the same route took me 1:58! Granted, I'm sure the cold weather now vs the HOT whether then played some role, but still.  15 minutes is HUGE!
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. I'm up thru Week 5, day 1 for a total of 145 push ups today, and a max set of 40 on my "end of week 4 test".  This is so not getting easier and I'm ready to quit.  It fraking HURTS.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. A little better.  I did one ab workout this week.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. I'm doing fine here.  Weekends, especially Sundays, I struggle to get the water in, but during the week I'm doing great.
There you have it folks!  Another week in the bank.  How did you all do?  

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Motivation from My Dad

Old Lee
Old Lee
Have you ever thought to yourself, "There is no way I am ever going to lose weight" or "I can't start an exercise program", "I'm too old", or too heavy, or too whatever.  Well, my Dad would like to remind you all that ANYTHING is possible if you want it bad enough.

This was the email I received this morning:  

"YES!  220 lbs, down from 222 last week!  After about 1 1/2 years of losing weight, I have achieved my home goal weight of 220 pounds.  That's 139 pounds from my highest of 359 pounds.

OK, I have to say it...I am disappointed though because I was sure it was going to be 218, which means my weight at the club will probably be 226 compensating for my clothes, thereby missing my goal of 225 with Nick today.  (I know, I know, my goal was 225 for the end of June, so why should I complain?)  But it's not entirely unexpected considering my last losses were large ones...3 & 7 pounds each.   (Dad made his goal at the gym this morning too - 224!)

New Lee!
I am excited though and proud of every once of effort I put into this, and I'm not done yet.  Even though I will have no more sessions with Nick, I will continue working out just as hard, and my Monday weigh-ins will still happen.  I tried on a pair of size 38 jeans last week, and though I could get them on, pity the person standing in the way if the button popped off!
New Lee!

Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement and knowing that you care so much, it inspires me and I hope I keep inspiring others as well."

Well, Dad, I am so very, very proud of you and I know you will keep this up.  Congratulations on getting to your goal weight - a full 3 months early!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 12

Another week bites the dust.  Where is 2011 going?

a phenomenal run - I just wish I could keep up with the group

made a few trips to the second hand store for clothes for my growing teens
these are clothes that we were selling!

tried out a new taco soup recipe - yummy!

track season is starting for my girl - she got her first set of spikes!

gotta love those spring ice storms - NOT

more snow? mother nature needs to get a clue

my Road ID came in time for tomorrow's run!
for a coupon and to order your own, check out my post here

Seriously, go order a Road ID.  Protect yourself.  The weather is warming up and more people are hitting the pavement.  You never know when an accident will happen and if, God forbid, you are ever hurt when out running, walking, biking, whatever, this little bracelet can be the difference between your family being there or not. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The ABC's of Bari

I saw this post from my friend Jen this week and totally decided to steal it.  (Love you, Jen!)

Age: 40
Bed size: Queen.
Chore you hate: folding the whites or scooping the cat box, it's a tie.
Dogs: I had a Cocker Spaniel named Candy and a Lhasa Apso named Tai Chi when I was a kid.  No dogs now.  I am much more a cat person and the favorite person to my cat, Squirt.
Essential start of your day: a shower.
Favorite color: Orange.
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5’3″ on my driver's license, but I think I'm closer to 5'2" now.
Instruments I play (or have played): I played the flute in middle and high schools and can still play but not as well. I can also play the piano a little bit and have played handbells at church.  I can ring 2 bells in each hand.  I actually went to a "clinic" to learn how to 2-in-hand ring.
Job title: Speech-Language Pathologist
Kids: I have twins, a boy and a girl, who are 13. Send booze (for me, not the kids!)
Live: Southwestern Lower Michigan
Mom’s name: Kay
Nickname: I don't really have one.  Hubs calls me "Momma".
Overnight hospital stays: tonsils, baby
Pet peeve: I, too, have MANY pet peeves.  One of my biggest is when people drive around with the rear wiper condom left on their rear wiper after going thru a car wash.  Seriously, people - remove the condom - you look like an idiot.
Quote from a movie: "Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.  Or "I wasn't even supposed to BE here today!" - Dante from Clerks.
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: I have a sister, Buffi, who is 3 years younger than me.
Time you wake up: The alarm goes off around 6:45, but I've usually been awake on and off for a couple hours. 
Underwear: Of course :)  Although I've been toying with the idea of going commando when running.  Haven't been able to do it yet though.
Vegetable you dislike: I'm not fond of radishes, but I haven't really found a veggie I really dislike.  Onions hate me, however, and I curse the world whenever I eat them.
What makes you run late: The internet.  I spend too much time checking twitter, facebook, emails, the GAH I'm late.
X-rays you have had done: ankle, c-spine, full body for chiropractor (he was kind of a quack and I only go to him now if REALLY desperate).  I've also had a CT scan because I rolled my car and had a mild brain injury (same reason I had the c-spine x-rays).
Yummy food you make: I think I make MANY yummy foods.  Biggest request is for creme brulee.
Zoo animal: I love the prairie dogs.  I also love ocean animals, so I'm more likely to go to an aquarium than a zoo.

There you have it!  Please feel free to steal this and then post the link to your answers in the comments below.  I'd love to learn the abc's of you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring In 2 Action Week 3: Buff Brazen Bunnies

Here we are into week 3 of Shrinkingjeans latest challenge.  It's time to check in and see how this half of the Buff Brazen Bunnies is doing.
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Still going strong!  I only have 2 runs in since Wednesday, for a total of 13 miles, but that is fine - I'm still totally on schedule (and since I blogged late last week, last Wednesday's run was included in that total).  I managed a beautiful 11 mile run on Saturday.  (Click the link to read about my thoughts and snag a cool coupon.)  It looked like spring was going to show up, but alas, the weather has turned to crapola again so instead of the 5 miles I had planned for yesterday, I did 2 miles of speedwork on the treadmill.  I'm hoping to do that 5 miler tomorrow.
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. I'm up thru Week 4, day 2 for a total of 113 push ups today, and a max set of 28.  I'm feeling absolute arm fail with these and start shaking on set 2.  When is this supposed to get easier?????
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. None.  Epic Fail.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. Much better on the water this week.  I made myself drink at every mile of my 11 mile run and managed to consume almost 16 oz over the 2 hour run (still not as much as I should, but much better than the 3 oz last week). 
I hope everyone else has had a nice week.  Many of my southern twitter friends have been all abuzz about their glorious weather.  Hopefully, some of that will venture up into my neck-of-the-woods soon.  So, tell me, what did you accomplish this week?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Confession and a Coupon

Dear Friends,

The beautiful river trail where I ran.
As I was running a very beautiful but lonely 11 mile run this weekend, along country roads and deserted trails, I realized I was not carrying any form of ID (unless you count my iPhone, which would probably just get smashed if I was hit). I thought to myself (you have a lot of time to think when you are running for 2 hours), how would my family know if I were in trouble? That's when I decided I needed to finally order my Road ID.

Road ID - perhaps you've heard of it. If you haven't, go to their website and check it out. Road ID is a great product that could save your life someday.  If you aren't convinced, just read some of the testimonials on the website - wow.

When I ordered (I picked the purple one!), they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends. Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number: ThanksBari4938045

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 04/22/2011. To order, simply go to or click the link below:

If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later,


Oh by the way, their website is awesome, the customer service is outstanding, and the owners are very smart and good looking. (They told me to say that, but I believe it to be absolutely true!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 11

It's almost spring here in my neck 'o the woods!  I've manage to get outside to run without having to worry about ice or multiple layers.  My crazy kids even wore shorts and flip-flops yesterday (they are crazy-it was only about 50 degrees out!).  Here's a little glimpse into week 11 of 2011:

my mileage keeps climbing - sorta like the Holy Hill! in today's 10-mile run
(ps-get used to these Saturday shots, I have a lot of Saturday long runs in my future)

getting a head-start on St. Paddy's Day with some Guinness Stew

one of my students found a Hidden Mickey (google it) on my Disney mug
I've had this mug since 2006 and never noticed it

what I wore for my first day as a trainer for our new computerized documentation system at school

my reward for the fastest 6 mile run I've ever managed
(and for finally feeling that "runner's high" around mile 4)

Happy St. Patrick's Day

ever have one of those days where you really want ice cream for lunch but common sense wins out?  yah, me neither

So, there we have another week that has flown by.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful week.  Anything fun to report?  Any victories over the ice cream?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring In 2 Action Week 2 - Buff Brazen Bunnies

Hey all, it is time to check in with the Sisterhood of the Shrinkingjeans!  Your Buff Brazen Bunnies, Kirsten and I, are going strong this week.  Since I am in the midst of Hell Week at work (and survived my 2 days presenting to staff on our new documentation system - yeah me!), I'm just going to quick comment on my goals and leave it at that.  M'kay?
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Can I get a "Woot-Woot"?  I've run 23 miles since last Wednesday, including a very hilly 10 mile training run on Saturday and the best 6 mile run EVER today.  Thankfully, the weather is finally starting to warm up and my outside runs are getting much more enjoyable.
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. Keeping on, keeping on.  I believe my max set was around 22 this week.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. Um, notsomuch.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. I've been doing fine with this one.  I did learn a very valuable lesson about hydrating on my 10 mile run (or rather AFTER the run as I was SEVERELY dehydrated and felt like shit the entire day).  A note to you runners (and walkers) out there.  A very good (and experienced) distance runner friend pretty much chewed me a new one.  She says 16 oz per hour is a good goal.  I drank about 3 oz in almost 2 hours.  Yah.  Whoops.
So there you go.  Not doing to shabby for this challenge.  How about you?  Anything to share?  Talk to me! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 10

I can't believe we are already into the 2nd week of March.  It's been a crazy-busy week, but that just means it goes by faster and spring can't be too far behind. Right? Please tell me I'm right.  Here are the pictures from this week.

Went for my first group training run today.  A hilly 8 mile out-and-back through light snow.

I love the 120-year-old stained glass windows in our church

my jazz trombonist

Fat Tuesday Paczki

I was going to wear these shoes today, but the weather wouldn't allow it :(

took another pair of shoes for a 5 mile test drive - they passed

a few more warm days and we might even find our sidewalk

So, there you have it.  A little glimpse into my week.  I'm off to get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow's 10 mile run is going to come very early.  Pray for good weather!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fitbloggin Ticket Giveaway!!!!

Hey, ya'll - two posts in one day!  I had to sneak this one in.  This coming May, I will be headed to my first blogging conference - Fitbloggin 11 - out in Baltimore!  Today, the wonderful folks at Fitbloggin announced a ticket giveaway.  Go here to check it out!

I am beyond excited for this conference. Not just because there will be so much information that can make my blogging skills better, but because of the wonderful people I will finally get to meet In.Real.Life!  I think that is what I'm most looking forward to - the girls I'm going to get to hug! 

So, go enter yourself and win a ticket.  Meet up with me in Baltimore!

My First Guest Post & A Must Read

I thought I would take a few seconds today to direct you to a couple of my favorite blog sites!

I was lucky enough to write a guest post for my dear friend, Monica.  It is Monica's birthday week (I love that she's celebrating all week because she totally deserves it!)  She asked a few of us fellow bloggers to write on topics near and dear to our hearts.  Since I'm totally obsessed with  LOVE my iPhone, my post highlights some of my favorite apps for fitness and health.  Go check it out and leave a comment on Monica's blog for a chance to win some beautiful earrings :)  Monica is so awesome that she is giving some lucky readers a present! 

Secondly, you all must go read this little diddy by my Dad over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  Just make sure you have your tissues handy.  IJS.

Ok, that's it.  You may all now go back to your regularly scheduled Thursday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring In 2 Action - Week 1 of the Buff Brazen Bunnies

Spring In2 Action  The Buff Brazen Bunnies (that would be Kirsten and myself) are checking in today with our stats for the first week of the Spring in 2 Action challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Let's revisit the goals I set for myself for this challenge, shall we, and see how I did.
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Done and done well: I ran 17.4 miles since last Wednesday, including my fastest mile EVER yesterday during a 4x400 speed workout (8:30, baby!). Thanks to my awesome challenge partner for suggesting that workout as a sub to the 3 mile speedwork I was supposed to do but didn't have the time or energy to spare. I also did my first-ever group training run on Saturday.  I hope to do another one this Saturday (10 miles - hold me) if the weather cooperates.
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. Doing great on this one as well. My highest number was the 71 I did this morning.  (I'm doing girly-style and these are over 5 sets with a short 60-90 sec break in between sets, so don't think I'm some kind of push-up queen.)  I am going to try to stay consistent with Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the push-ups.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. Eh.  I did 1 15 minute NTC workout this week, plus I did the Tworkout last night.  Need to get better on this one.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. I've been consuming at least 64 oz of water every day.  Usually it's quite a bit more than this, but I don't keep track as closely as I could.
So there you have it.  Not a bad start to the current challenge.  And for those of you wondering where my weigh-in went, you aren't going to see it.  I am officially in maintenance mode.  I did weigh in this morning and I'm within my goal range.  :)

So how did everyone else do this week?  Any successes you want to share?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

True Confessions

I really don't have much time today and in all honesty had thought about not posting so you all get bullet points.  Lucky yous.

The Good:
  • I ran 17.82 miles last week, including my first ever group training run (8.27 miles outside in light snow). This also included my longest run without taking regular walk breaks.  I ran the entire 8.27 except for walking thru the 2 aide stations the group had set up.
  • I did a total of 159 push-ups during the 1st week of the 100 Push-up Challenge.  This was over 3 days and 5 sets each day, but DAMN - 159 push-ups! 
  • I've been getting at least 64 oz of water in every day (usually more, but I don't keep strict tabs on the numbers).
The Bad:
  • The push-ups I'm doing are on my knees and I almost feel like I need to qualify that every time the app posts my numbers to twitter.  I feel like I'm cheating but I'm afraid "real" push-ups will reinjure my stupid shoulder.
  • I've been uber stressed about a project (of sorts) at school and I've been stuffing my face with candy.  The candy is almost gone. The project is just beginning.
  • I had a paczki today.  I think I may have 1 more. *hangs head in shame*
  • I'm totally exhausted (physically and mentally) so my Daily Mile is still sitting at the Zero of Shame.  I'm supposed to do a 3 mile speed workout today, but am scooting from here as soon as I hit "publish" to go to my son's last swim meet, then dragging him with me to the gym.  I'm shooting for 1 mile 4x400 speed workout instead. 
  • I've only done 1 NTC workout this week.  I will do another tonight - or I will do the tworkout.
Two of my friends lost dear members of their families this week. (Prayers to Lisa and Barb.)  Our church also lost 2 members (one very suddenly).  This song was sung my our worship leader at one of the funerals.  I hope it gives my friends some comfort as well.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 9

Oh, my goodness.  I don't know about you all, but I'm sick of winter, sick of snow, I just want WARM.  I've done a great job keeping up with the photos, but the next couple weeks are ultra busy at school, so hopefully I don't miss any days.

what I wore: I stole my son's Red Wings jersey - and it fit!

killing time with a nice raspberry lambic

band concert night - K *loves* her uniform

switched to a green bag for the month of March

happy birthday Dr. Seuss
(when you work in an elementary school-you celebrate these things)

had my one shamrock shake for the year

my course materials came! I'm officially a grad student again

So how about all of you?  Are you sick of winter? Taking on any new challenges? Talk to me, friends!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring In 2 Action - Buff Brazen Bunnies

Spring In2 Action

Did you hear?  The lovely ladies (and gent) at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are beginning a new 6-week challenge today!  Spring into action and grab yourself a partner.  Yep - we are pairing up with one of our best buds to keep each other motivated and kick each other's arses.  I'm paired up with Kirsten from Running in a Girls' World!  She is one of my all-time favoritest people EVA, is a totally kick-ass runner (who has really inspired me to kick my running up a notch, or four) and we are going to have a blast in this challenge.  We even got to pick our own team name!  I am proud to be a Buff Brazen Bunny! Why are we proud to be Buff Brazen Bunnies?   Because this challenge is going to get us Buff, we are already a bit Brazen, and Bunnies? - just too perfect!

Speaking of getting buff, this challenge also contains a challenge-within-a-challenge.  A bunch of us are going to tackle the 100 Push-ups Challenge.  I even downloaded the iPhone app, because I'm a sucker like that because I puffy heart technology.  I did my push-up test Tuesday night and I'm going to hit Day 1 today.  (Because of my stupid recovering rotator cuff, I'm going to stick with girly-style push-ups for this round. If the shoulder behaves, I'll try running the program again on my toes.)

Beginning push-up test: 15 girly-style

This will also be my first Shrinking Jeans challenge in which I participate as a "non-loser".  I will not be posting my weight on Wednesdays (I'll be weighing in still, just keeping it to myself).  I'll be making sure to stay within my goal range, but I want to focus this challenge on a few, small areas. 

Kirsten & I have come up with similar goals:
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan.  (I'm supposed to run 3x a week, but I've got a few crazy-ass weeks coming up which will likely dictate dropping a run, or shortening one.)
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. Starting test was 15 on my knees.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week.  Even if it is only one of the 15 minute workouts, it will be better than nothing.
  4. Really work on getting enough water.  I'm usually pretty good at this during the week, but I suck on the weekends.  Must be better.
So there we have it.  A kick ass challenge where I get to be Buff and Brazen (and hope to look like one of the "Bunnies" in the end) and where I get to kick Kirsten's skinnier ass if she feels like slacking.  A win-win!

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