Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring In 2 Action Week 2 - Buff Brazen Bunnies

Hey all, it is time to check in with the Sisterhood of the Shrinkingjeans!  Your Buff Brazen Bunnies, Kirsten and I, are going strong this week.  Since I am in the midst of Hell Week at work (and survived my 2 days presenting to staff on our new documentation system - yeah me!), I'm just going to quick comment on my goals and leave it at that.  M'kay?
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Can I get a "Woot-Woot"?  I've run 23 miles since last Wednesday, including a very hilly 10 mile training run on Saturday and the best 6 mile run EVER today.  Thankfully, the weather is finally starting to warm up and my outside runs are getting much more enjoyable.
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. Keeping on, keeping on.  I believe my max set was around 22 this week.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. Um, notsomuch.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. I've been doing fine with this one.  I did learn a very valuable lesson about hydrating on my 10 mile run (or rather AFTER the run as I was SEVERELY dehydrated and felt like shit the entire day).  A note to you runners (and walkers) out there.  A very good (and experienced) distance runner friend pretty much chewed me a new one.  She says 16 oz per hour is a good goal.  I drank about 3 oz in almost 2 hours.  Yah.  Whoops.
So there you go.  Not doing to shabby for this challenge.  How about you?  Anything to share?  Talk to me! 


  1. THREE OUNCES FOR A 10-MILE RUN? I missed that little bit of info. I think you should do more pushups for that.

  2. Wow! 23 miles! I can only dream :)

  3. uhmm 23 are a rock star YOU GO!

  4. i disagree with kirsten - burpees should be your punishment! live and learn though right?

  5. Congratulations on a great week. Awesome as usual.

  6. Considering the week you had, I think you did pretty awesome. Except for the water. I should smack you upside the head for that one...


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