Sunday, March 27, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 12

Another week bites the dust.  Where is 2011 going?

a phenomenal run - I just wish I could keep up with the group

made a few trips to the second hand store for clothes for my growing teens
these are clothes that we were selling!

tried out a new taco soup recipe - yummy!

track season is starting for my girl - she got her first set of spikes!

gotta love those spring ice storms - NOT

more snow? mother nature needs to get a clue

my Road ID came in time for tomorrow's run!
for a coupon and to order your own, check out my post here

Seriously, go order a Road ID.  Protect yourself.  The weather is warming up and more people are hitting the pavement.  You never know when an accident will happen and if, God forbid, you are ever hurt when out running, walking, biking, whatever, this little bracelet can be the difference between your family being there or not. 


  1. Great pix. The ice and snow can just get the hell out of Dodge!!

  2. Oh love K's new shoes! and the purple road ID is awesome! Yeha on your long run!!!

  3. Love the shoes...and I totally need to order a RoadID (you know, for when I start seriously running again.)


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