Saturday, March 5, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 9

Oh, my goodness.  I don't know about you all, but I'm sick of winter, sick of snow, I just want WARM.  I've done a great job keeping up with the photos, but the next couple weeks are ultra busy at school, so hopefully I don't miss any days.

what I wore: I stole my son's Red Wings jersey - and it fit!

killing time with a nice raspberry lambic

band concert night - K *loves* her uniform

switched to a green bag for the month of March

happy birthday Dr. Seuss
(when you work in an elementary school-you celebrate these things)

had my one shamrock shake for the year

my course materials came! I'm officially a grad student again

So how about all of you?  Are you sick of winter? Taking on any new challenges? Talk to me, friends!


  1. Loved your pix. I have had one hell of a week with Dick's accident. Things are calming down a little now and the exhaustion is setting in. I need about 15 hours of sleep, but I have to think about what kind of car I want to get. I wasn't thinking about new cars. It's such a big decision!

  2. Wow!! Amazing that you can wear that RedWings Jersey!! and you look great in it, too!! Love Dr. Suess!! My challenge for the month of March -- stay sane!!

  3. Did you know that McDonalds doesn't make the Shamrock Shakes in the south? It's true. And kind of sad. (A friend of mine - from Chicago - is working to bring them's worth a shot, at least. I may have to help her out in her Shamrock Shake quest.)


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