Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is anybody out there?

So, it would appear I posted about six times in 2016.  Here it is, half way through 2017, and I haven't written a darn thing.

In my defense, I couldn't remember how to get into this blog.  My bad.  When I finally got it, I'd noticed all of the custom backgrounds and whatnot were a freaking mess, so here I am with a new look and most of the widgets gone.  I figure I don't need them anyway.

Anyhoo...Not sure how much I'll be posting here but I did want anyone still out there to know I'm alive.  I just haven't had much to say.



  1. welcome back. I follow you on Facebook but loved when you posted more in depth stuff here.

  2. I'm here :) I can "catch up" with you on Instagram so all's well :)

  3. Happy blogging and somehow at least, me reading fitness blogs got me to yous. :)
    Current status: craving for cheeseburgers but that'll just add up to my belly fat. =( sad...


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