Monday, March 21, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 11

It's almost spring here in my neck 'o the woods!  I've manage to get outside to run without having to worry about ice or multiple layers.  My crazy kids even wore shorts and flip-flops yesterday (they are crazy-it was only about 50 degrees out!).  Here's a little glimpse into week 11 of 2011:

my mileage keeps climbing - sorta like the Holy Hill! in today's 10-mile run
(ps-get used to these Saturday shots, I have a lot of Saturday long runs in my future)

getting a head-start on St. Paddy's Day with some Guinness Stew

one of my students found a Hidden Mickey (google it) on my Disney mug
I've had this mug since 2006 and never noticed it

what I wore for my first day as a trainer for our new computerized documentation system at school

my reward for the fastest 6 mile run I've ever managed
(and for finally feeling that "runner's high" around mile 4)

Happy St. Patrick's Day

ever have one of those days where you really want ice cream for lunch but common sense wins out?  yah, me neither

So, there we have another week that has flown by.  I hope everyone else had a wonderful week.  Anything fun to report?  Any victories over the ice cream?


  1. I'm impressed that you went with the LC over the ice cream. I totally would have eaten the ice cream. :)

  2. Cute outfit! I'm so proud of you on your runs, girlie! I am having lotsa food victories over here, yo! good job on yours!!!

  3. the hidden mickey is really cool. Can't believe your student found it


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