Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Into Action Week 4: Buff Brazen Bunnies

I can't believe we have completed 4 weeks of this challenge already.  I'm super busy today at work, so this will be short (I hope).  My fellow Bunny, Kirsten, said she is really starting to feel those push ups. I am too, but I think my chest/arms are more PO'd than getting Buff.  Anyhoo.....
  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Yep!  This past week was a step-down week, so my long run was only 10 miles I can't believe I just typed *only* 10 miles!  I didn't run with my running group but instead, ran a 10 mile route I ran last September when I was training for my 1/2 marathon.  Dude - I took 15 minutes off my time!!!!!  I ran it this time in 1:43! 6 months ago, the same route took me 1:58! Granted, I'm sure the cold weather now vs the HOT whether then played some role, but still.  15 minutes is HUGE!
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. I'm up thru Week 5, day 1 for a total of 145 push ups today, and a max set of 40 on my "end of week 4 test".  This is so not getting easier and I'm ready to quit.  It fraking HURTS.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. A little better.  I did one ab workout this week.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. I'm doing fine here.  Weekends, especially Sundays, I struggle to get the water in, but during the week I'm doing great.
There you have it folks!  Another week in the bank.  How did you all do?  


  1. You are right, 15 minutes is huge! Way to go. Great job on sticking with the pushups.

  2. You had a great week. I also have a harder time getting all my water on the weekends. Wonder why that is?

  3. Wow! 10 miles that is wonderful. You did a great job sticking to your goals!

  4. i'm the same - weekends are hard for me. but when i'm setting here at my desk i'm great at chugging water. woofreakinhoo on the run!!


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