Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: debatable

I really struggled whether to post today's weight, but it's what I do - the good, the bad and the ugly - so I figured I should put this one out here even though I think it's a false loss and could even be considered a gain. (I'll explain.)

Starting Weight (11-28-12): 153.6
Last week: 146.6
This week: 145.4
Change: down 1.2
Total change: down 8.2

So, why would I be thinking a 1.2 pound loss could actually be a gain?  Because I know I was 144 on Sunday and this weigh-in was AFTER I sweated my ass off for 4 miles in the hot gym this morning. It's probably sweat loss and not actual weight loss, but I decided to post the weight anyway because it's pretty close to what I weighed yesterday (actually a tiny bit higher, even with the sweat loss) so it's fairly close to accurate.  Still, having people say "congrats on the loss" on twitter this morning after MFP autotweeted my weigh-in made me feel like I needed to explain myself.

My weight this past week has been a roller coaster (and please don't blast me for weighing myself every couple of days - it's what I do).  I had a little outpatient surgery last Wednesday and managed to GAIN 3 pounds thanks to the IV fluids.  The doctor said I'd only get about 1/2 a pound of fluids (yes, I asked), but did you know those fluids are SALT WATER??? Yah, major water retention and probably some swelling from surgery.  Combined with losing the water weight and not really eating for several days last week, by Sunday morning I'd managed to lose those 3 pounds, plus another 2 1/2.  I spent most of church on Sunday trying not to pass out (dehydration? lack of calories? probably both?).  I made an effort to eat well Sunday through Tuesday and as a result, managed to gain some of that 2 1/2 pounds back.  Frankly, it pisses me off but it is what it is.  

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