Wednesday, August 5, 2009

21 Day Challenge - Week 1

I'm super excited about this challenge. I've been reading some of the other gals' posts and you all have some great goals. A few of the suggestions are things I already do. I drink tons of water (never actually calculated how much, but it is many glasses a day). I also exercise regularly (cardio, anyway) and get lots of sleep (probably too much in the summer since I can sleep in). I've decided to focus on 2 goals:
  1. Take a vitamin every day. Like many of you, I have a bottle of vitamins in the cupboard right next to my cereal bowls. Instead of opening it in the morning, I just shove it off to the side. Time to start cracking open that bottle. I even took one already this morning :)
  2. Push-up and crunches. I'm planning to do at least 10 push-ups and 20 crunches every day. I think this is the only way I'm going to get rid of my High Gladys batwings (thanks, Grandma B for passing those down to all the women in my family) and my flabby gut (thanks to my twins and 50 lb weight loss years ago).

My starting weight for this challenge is 161.2 (up .4 from the end of the last challenge). This tiny gain is actually a big success for me. I just came back from a week in Washington DC with the family and ate lots of yummy food (crab cakes, anyone?). We also walked at least 5 miles a day, which I'm sure greatly helped keep the gain from being more than it was. I'm not planning to put too much emphasis on the scale this time around, but still hope to lose. Ending the challenge in the 150's (even if it's 159.8) would be awesome. But with our family plans over the next couple weeks, hoping to maintain may be more realistic.

I have some major eating challenges coming up which I'm trying to prepare myself for. My twins turn 12 this weekend and are having a sleepover party with pizza and cupcakes. We are taking them to a Detroit Tiger's game on Sunday (healthy food there-NOT) and then heading to Cedar Point Amusement Park for Monday and Tuesday (again, not the place for healthy food choices). Then, to top it all off, my birthday is the following Saturday. We are going canoeing with a bunch of friends and then bar-hopping afterwards. Who thinks of this stuff?????

Wish me luck, folks. I'm gonna need it!


  1. Gotta love that twin skin, huh?? ;o)

    Sounds like you have a fun week planned! Good luck being strong and saying no to the pizza and cupcakes. Moderation is the key, right?

  2. your birthday plans sound like a lot of fun! :) and good for you for being realistic about your goals. sometimes we've just gotta live.

  3. If only living were calorie free ;o

  4. Ahhhh, I can them Hi Helens :) and yep, I've got them too!

    Congrats on doing so well while on vacation! That is so awesome. I was on vacation for the past almost 2 weeks, and while we walked so much, I still managed to gain a few pounds. It's really so disappointing, but I know I'll get it off!

    Good luck this week with all the partying you have in the coming weeks!! You CAN stay on track!!!!!

  5. My goal is to get into the habit of taking my vitamin too!

    These are great goals! Good luck!

  6. Happy birthdays all around this week! Have fun!


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