Wednesday, August 19, 2009

21 Day Challenge-weekly post

It's been a busy week. Had a birthday (this was my 1st annual 39th birthday :-), went canoeing with friends, started a new job, and had my sister and her kids over for a few days. Weight-162 which is down 1.8 from last week. I've done "ok" on my goals for the challenge, but not stellar. I've taken my vitamin every day, but the push-ups and sit-ups continue to elude me a few days each week. I did get out of bed last night to do 20 each when I realized I hadn't done them since Monday morning. I'm also having difficulty with my running right now. I tripped and 1/2 fell (caught myself before I hit the ground) when running last week and when I ran on Monday, my right shin and left inner thigh/behind my knee KILLED. I could only do 2 miles and ended up walking the 3rd. Not sure if I pulled something or what. I didn't try to run today.

Am I feeling any different? I don't know. I do know my clothes are fitting better, even though the number on the scale really hasn't changed much. That's a better measure of fitness anyway, right???????


  1. Great job on the clothes...that's the best feeling. :) My shirts are fitting a LOT better...not so much with the pants yet but I'll get there. :)

  2. The way your clothes fit is a great measure of how you're doing...and 1.8 pounds is awesome!

  3. You lost 1.8 in a week? Come on! That's fantastic! And you had a birthday! Happy Birthday! Great job!

  4. You are doing GREAT!! And Happy (late) birthday!

  5. Great job on the loss! That's almost two pounds in a week, which is awesome! Keep up the great work and, I agree, clothes are the best measure!


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