Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-Think Your Shrink - Week 1

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. Not because I won't keep them, but because I think it is crazy to say you are going to make changes in your life, just because it's Jan 1. If you see an area of your life that needs improving-improve it. That's what I've been trying to do for months, I just haven't been very successful yet :)

This is where the sisterhood comes in. I need to be accountable to someone other than myself. I did Weight Watchers years ago and lost 50 lbs. I kept it off for 6 years, but the past 2 years have been rough and I've put 25 back on. Since joining the sisterhood, I've lost 5 of that (a drop in the bucket, really) and I'm hoping to lose at least 10 more. I'm starting this challenge at 161.2, which is up 1.4 from last week. This bouncing around the 160 mark is really pissing me off. I need to get down to at least 157 so my daily water/salt differences won't keep popping me back over 160 and tick me off so much. (I literally fluctuate up to 2 lbs a day based on what I had for dinner the night before-HATE it). Oops, we're not supposed to have any negative talk-my bad!

I love the idea of the "Monday Project". My school does something similar, called "Mission Monday" where students (and staff) are asked to step out of their comfort zones. Things like, sit at a new table at lunch, introduce yourself to a student in another class at recess, stuff like that. I'm very curious to see what our friends at the sisterhood will come up with for the next 7 Mondays.

So, here is my plan:
  • I don't think I will follow a specific food plan, but I am going to try to write down what I eat and count points when I can. I'm so burned out on WW that I will start each week really good, but usually give up around day 3 or 4. I'm also going to try to stop the snacking after dinner. (As a side note, I'm getting an iPhone in a couple months-if anyone knows of a good food-logging app, please let me know).
  • As for exercise, we just got a Wii for Christmas and I'm 4 days into the EA Sports 30 day challenge. I'm liking it, but I feel like the workouts are too short. I may start doing each day's workout twice when I have time. I also have a gym membership that I really should be using more consistently. I love group exercise classes (spin, step, kickboxing) but haven't been able to go much with my kids' after school schedules. It seems the days that I can go, they don't have a class (or instructor) I like. I need to start making it a priority to have some "me" time each week, even if it is to just get on the treadmill for an hour. I can't exercise outside until about April (too fracking cold and snowy), so I need to use the gym.
  • I've joined the 'hood, have a twitter account I never use :), and log my workouts on dailymile. Can't wait to see what we do with dailymile-it's been a great site to track what I do.

I'm really hoping 2010 is the year I get back on track. I'm turning (gasp!) 40 this summer and I want to be 40 and Fabulous, not 40 and Fat. I'm probably never going to see the 130's again, but I'd love to be in the 140's for my 40th. Help me get there, friends!


  1. Will do, girl!!

    I love dailymile! And twitter. ;)

  2. My favorite food logging site is The Daily Plate at They have an iPhone app. I used their Blackberry app and loved it until I upgraded to the Storm and they haven't updated an app to go with that phone yet. :( I still recommend They Daily Plate though. :)

  3. So glad you joined us for the challenge!!!

    I hear you on getting burned out on WW. One of my goals is to get back to using it. I need to log my points everyday, and I know it works, I just get tired of it. I'm hoping that if I can stick with it for a couple of weeks and see some real results, I'll be more likely to stick it out!

    Do you have Personal Trainer or More Workouts? Both of them have setting where you can make the workout longer by choosing the Hard setting. It's usually around 30 minutes and then I'll add some extra stuff in afterwards. I really like the step aerobics and squash on More Workouts. Lots of heart pumping fun!!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions Lanel and Christy. I started logging my food at Daily Plate and it seems like it will work well for me. Even put in a couple of things I make all the time and it calculated the calories. Pretty cool.

    I don't have Personal Trainer or More Workouts. I've just started hitting the button "workout again" when I finish a workout and do the thing over again. That seems to be working pretty well. I need to come up with my own abs/core workout, too, since EA doesn't seems to have any.

  5. Hey there! Just found your blog through "Did I Just Eat That Outloud." I just started my WW journey and I am LOVIN' their iphone app. But, of course, all good things come with a price and you have to pay WW to have online access to their site. To me, it's totally worth it, but my journey is going to be about 100lbs longer than yours. So... LOL Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more about this "Sisterhood" you're talking about!

  6. Hi Phat Nanny,
    I'm a lifetime WW member, but I'd still need to pay to use their online site - really seams unfair. This is one of my issues with WW right now. I will go check out their app, thought, thanks for the info. And welcome to the sisterhood!


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