Monday, December 14, 2009

True Confessions Monday

We ate at Tony's I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan on Saturday. after my son's Lego Robotics tournament. This place was featured in an episode of Sandwich Paradise on the Travel Channel and has been a Michigan icon for over 30 years. The BLT has a full pound of bacon - 'nuf said.

This is not me eating, but this is what I ordered:

I've done absolutely no exercise, except Power Shopping, and most of that has been done with my mouse. My daughter also insisted we make Puppy Chow this weekend (you know, perfectly healthy Crispix cereal, coated in a blend of butter/chocolate/peanut butter, and dredged through powdered sugar). I truly live in fear of the scale - he is going to be quite unkind on Wednesday.

I just learned how to add video to my blog (yah, I'm really techie when you compare me to most of my coworkers, but compared to the rest of y'all, I stink).

Here is some video of my daughter doing her thang:

And here is my son:

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