Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shrink-A-Versary Weigh-in: Week 3

This is going to be brief because I have no real time to blog.

This week: 158.0 (down 1.2 from last week).

Miles this week: 10.5

This next week is going to be rough-I'm fighting a sinus infection and somehow managed to cause a blood vessel in my eye to burst, so I look and feel like complete a** , my dad's 70th b-day is on Friday and we are taking him out for dinner on Saturday (I think I'm having a harder time with him turning 70 than he is), and my kids are busier than usual. I don't know if I'm going to even come close to the 10.5 miles I logged this past week. I'd like to average 10 per week, but it is getting harder with the weather getting crappier.

UGH, stop the ride, I wanna get off......

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  1. Great loss, Bari!

    I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy :( I hope it passes soon. I can totally understand why you're upset about your dad turning 70, too. It's hard to see our parents get older. Hope the party is AMAZING!


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