Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shrink-A-Versary Weigh-In #1

I'm up 0.2 to 159, which is basically like staying the same. Pretty good, since I was up 2 lbs Sunday morning (darn those delicious pickles and olives I ate Saturday night, not to mention the Halloween candy) and it is Parent-Teacher-Conference week this week (anyone who is a teacher knows how "well" we eat during this crazy time).

I know we aren't tracking miles yet, but I have to report that I managed to get out twice this week for 3.1 miles each time. That's 6.2 miles this week. (I've pretty much given up on running at this point-my bod just can't handle the impact anymore.) Also, I was surprised at how sore my butt was after my first walk-guess I'm more out of shape than I realized. The first day I walked was the first day we've seen sun up here in Michigan in quite some time, so I thought "whoo-hoo, I can get out and get some exercise." Wouldn't you know it, it was still only about 40 degrees and it started raining about 3/4 of a mile into my route. So those 3.1 miles should count double for being so sucky! Today was much nicer-sunny and about 50-wopping degrees. I've decided I really need some cold-weather workout gear, so if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way. I'm tired of my legs freezing and turning bright red from the cold.

I hope all the rest of my sisters out there had a great week and good luck to anyone running this weekend.


  1. Hey Bari! Awesome job on the 6.2 miles and yes, you do get extra points for doing it in the rain. As for gear, no suggestions here. Maybe hit th local Academy store or Sports Authority.

    I see that you are a Speech Path- my 3.5 yr old son has just finished his eval through our public school system!

  2. Great job maintaining and with your exercise... I am new to the Hood and just started the challenge too! Good Luck!

  3. Good job on the mileage!!


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