Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re-Think Your Shrink - Week 3 Wed Weigh-In

What up, sistas! I am very happy to report a loss this week, albeit a small one. I am down .6 to 157.8! That puts me at 3.4 lbs down for this challenge and 8 since I joined the sisterhood. I'm getting closer to that 10 lb button. For me, 10 lbs is the number that tells me I'm serious about this and I've actually lost weight. I know, weird.

Considering the weekend I had (you can read about it here in my true confessions post) I am very pleased with my loss.

I need a little advice (or maybe just validation since what's done is done). My son has been taking karate from a complete a-hole for 3 years and is currently a black belt/white stripe (one belt below black belt). Our "contract" (yah, according to this guy I signed a 3 year contract-I clearly must have been stoned) ends in February. Yesterday, I gave the guy my final check and told him my son would not be back. He just looked at me and said "ok". (We are clearly oil and water and I'm sure he thinks I am a total bi*ch for calling him on the crap he tries to pull. I honestly think he isn't used to women standing up to him.) He pulled my son into his office and told him that he was one of his best students and good luck. Pretty nice of the guy, actually. Now, my son has been fighting me over going to karate for the past several months. He's a very intelligent 12 year old who I think realizes what a joke this guy is and really didn't see the point in going anymore. I'm sad that this guy has taken a sport my son loved, and has completely turned him off to it. I told my son that if he wanted to continue to study martial arts at another school, I would gladly look for one. He said, "no." Maybe someday he will decide to try it again.

Now, here is where the advice part comes in. Do I try to get my son into something else? He has never been a team-sports kind of kid and feels very inferior to his twin sister, the total jock, in the athletic skills department. I did encourage him to try the swim team at school. It is a no-cut sport and I really just want him to get some exercise. He signed up today, but now I'm having second thoughts about swimming. I'm afraid it is going to be one more area where he is going to compare himself to his sister (she swam last season and was one of the competitive divers on the dive team as well). Help a sister!


  1. He is 12 years old- have you asked him what he wants to do? Surely there must be something that he is interested in. Be prepared though- it might not be your first choice but if it's something that sparks his interest, then go for it! Does it have to be sports-related?

    Oh yeah, good job on the loss!

    Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans

  2. Hi Lisa-thanks for your comments. He's interested in lots of non-sports related things. He playes trombone in the band and auditioned for and made the jazz band. He also does Lego robotics and is waiting for another robotics thing to start in the spring. I just want him to do something physical, also, because he has a huge potential to be a couch potato.

  3. Maybe you need to tell him he had to do some kind of sport to stay healthy and active or a gym or after school in the weight room etc. and talk about how important it is to make exercise part of your routine now so he keeps doing it as an adult. I did sports all through school but then in college I did not and that is what started the weight gain. I would encourage something physical too. Good luck. Can he work out with you at home?

  4. congrats on the loss!! woohoo!! as for your son, that's a toughy. it's awesome that he's got interests and is in the band and stuff like that (i was too). what about asking him about sports that aren't at school? or can you arrange for the family to do things like hiking on the weekends or something where you're all getting physical but he doesn't find himself comparing himself to anyone athletically? i love that you want him to be active!

  5. congrats on all your hard work thus far. :)

    not a mom, so i'm not sure what to tell you. but that royally sucks the poopy head messed it up for him. :(


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