Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

Hey all,
I'm proud to say I really don't have many transgressions to confess this week because I've worked very hard to get on track this week. So, I'm going to post a few successes (forgive me, but I'm proud of myself this week).
  • Got my hair done today and after not seeing my stylist for 10 weeks, the first words out of her mouth were, "Have you lost weight?" I didn't realize the 6 or 7 lbs I've lost since I saw her last were showing. Cool.
  • I've been logging EVERYTHING I eat and all my exercise at Daily Plate. I've actually had a number of days where my net calories were really low (like under 800) but I haven't really been hungry. I know not eating enough is a pattern that I've gotten into in the past so I need to watch that.
  • I have not missed a workout this week and have upped the intensity on my EA Active workouts to "high".
  • Confession time: since my calories were really low after 2 workouts yesterday (and I was feeling a bit shaky), I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich at 10:00 last night and had some trail mix - yikes. Tight rings this morning-hello salt!
  • I went over my calories on Sunday night thanks to one of my girlfriends bringing over mojitos.
  • I've been workout out a lot, but have been severely neglecting my abs. Haven't done anything for them.

Now for some pre-emptive confessions:

  • I'm very concerned about this upcoming weekend.
  • My daughter has a gymnastics meet 6 hours from home. We are going to be on the road driving (hello-fast food) and then eating at the Peoria Convention Center during the meet (can you say, nachos and pizza?).
  • I'm going to miss my EA workouts this weekend, but the hotel has a very small fitness center, so I'm hoping to at least do some walking on the treadmill.
  • The hotel has wi-fi so I'm planning to bring my laptop and hopefully still log my choices. This should help keep me accountable.
  • I'm hoping the high potential for bad eating doesn't derail me this weekend.

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