Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Re-Think Your Shrink Week 2 Weigh-In

I did not make my goal for this week, but I came damn close! I had hoped to lose 2 lbs, but I managed 1.8 - I'll take it. That brings my weight to 158.4, and a loss of 2.8 for this challenge so far. More importantly, I've lost 7.4 since I hooked up with all you lovely ladies at the sisterhood. I'm getting closer to that 10 pound button! I've even had a few people ask lately if I've lost weight - yippee!

I worked very hard this week at logging all my calories in at and I've been downright religious about completing my EA Sports workouts. I even upped the intensity to "high" this week because I felt the workouts were not really enough for me. In addition to the Wii, I've made it to the gym for some strength and cardio classes. I have never been an early morning workout person, but I've found if I get up a little early and do my Wii workout before school, I'm more likely to eat right during the day and I've even gone to the gym to work out after work on a few occasions. I've also been trying to "eat" most of the calories I've been burning because I have had times in the past where my body would freak out over the lack of calories and NOTHING would come off. Here's hoping my current plan continues to work for me in the weeks to come.

I have to say, though, I'm very nervous about how well I'm going to do this weekend with the plans we have. Friday night Mr. Shrinking Chick and I are going out (to a sports bar of all places) for my school's holiday party. Lots of good, healthy food there - NOT. Then, we hit the road Saturday morning to head to Southern Illinois for my daughter's first gymnastics meet of the season. We'll be eating on the road, going out to dinner, and then spending all day Sunday at the convention center. There will be no good choices there. At least the hotel has a basic fitness center, so I'll be able to use the treadmill or something, and I hope to get my Saturday EA workout in before we leave. I'm going to miss my 1st one on Sunday :( but I'll make it up on my "rest" day on Monday.

Wish me luck (and that all the athletes have a fun, injury-free meet) and I hope to be able to report a loss next week!


  1. YAY, Bari!!! I'm so excited for you. Sounds like you're really tearing it up with the workouts!

    When you're on the road, try to find a Subway for lunch. Or if you do think you'll eat somewhere else, look up their menu before you leave and decide what you're going to have in advance. If you plan, you can succeed with healthy eating. As far as snacking goes, take your own snacks! Bag up a variety of things in snack bags, and stash them in the car.

    At the convention center, if there isn't anything healthy, just make sure you drink lots of water, so you won't overeat the bad stuff!

    Hope your daughter does an amazing job and has a blast!!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Christy! I love Subway and so do my kids, so that will most likely be our lunch. We might be able to sneak out for lunch, too, on Sunday because K's events are pretty spread out. Maybe I'll post some pictures here on Monday :)

  3. we'll just round up and say congrats on the 2 pound loss!! and i know you can totally make the right choices this weekend (even if you do splurge a time or two.)


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