Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal Monday: still trying to figure it all out

I've been following the meal plan for 21 Day Fix for 2 weeks now - well, at least Monday thru Friday.  I have a plan for the weekends, but then I run long on Saturday morning and proceed to eat everything in sight the rest of the weekend.

Like I told one of my friends, I don't exactly crave salads after running 12 miles.  I'm sitting here writing this at 8pm on Sunday night after eating 4 cookies (granted, made with only banana, eggs and oatmeal plus a few chocolate chips, but still cookies).

Am I just destined to fail?  I posted in a Facebook group the struggle I'm having.  Full disclosure - I'm not doing the workout DVDs that go with the program, didn't even buy them, because I already workout 5-6 days a week for at least an hour a day and I'm training for 3 upcoming races.  I need to get in my runs.  I already strength train.  I also do not drink the shakes because I've tried them and they're gross to me and I refuse to spend a shitload of money on something I'd have to gag down.  You want to know what a bunch of the people suggested?  They told me to stop running.  Just do the DVDs they said.  Buy the shakes, they are so awesome. Gee, thanks. So helpful.

I understand about the need to mix up your workouts and I think I do that.  My runs are different each day, I do intervals on the bike to burn more calories, I do 4 different lifting workouts during the week.

Maybe they are all right.  Maybe I'll never get smaller doing what I'm doing.  I guess if I haven't bought into the entire program, shakes, diet and DVDs I can't really expect to see any results.  It's hard to see people posting progress pictures saying they've lost XX number of pounds and inches when I know I've had zero success.  Do I just need to accept I'm always going to look like I do now unless I stop being a runner and start workout out in front of my TV?

One other suggestion was to eat more, because maybe 1500 calories before exercise isn't enough.  So this week, I'm trying the 1500-1800 calorie bracket.  I really don't think it will work and when I weigh in and measure next week Monday, I'm going to be just as fat as I am now or worse from eating too much.  I already know I haven't lost any weight or inches in the first 2 weeks.

I'm not frustrated at all.

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