Monday, February 2, 2015

Motivation Monday: 21 day fix reflections

Yesterday was the "end" of my 21 Day Fix experiment.  I say experiment because I really didn't have all I needed to follow the program as written.  I didn't buy the shakes or the workout DVDs, so maybe if I'd had those my results would have been better.

Basically, I had no results.  I took "after" pictures yesterday and I really can't see any changes - in fact, I think I looked worse but maybe it was the lighting in my bathroom.  Who knows. In any rate, I have no intention of posting the pictures because I really don't want pics of me in a bikini floating around the interwebs and frankly, no one wants to see that anyway.

As you can see, my weight didn't change and really none of my measurements changed either.  Maybe my hips and waist but that little of a change makes me wonder if I just had the tape measure in a different place.  It's hard to stay motivated about something when you've been working at it for weeks with no real results.

I haven't given up yet though.  I created another menu this week still in the 1500-1800 range and I've added workouts from the 30 Day Shred DVD to shake things up a bit.  The shred is kind of killing my calves though - to the point I had to bail on my 10 mile run on Saturday because they felt so off.  I'll keep with the Shred this week but I won't be doing any of it next week because I'd really like to run my half marathon.  Undecided about how much heavy lifting to do. After The Donna Breast Cancer Half, it's time to start really ramping up my running again so plans need to come together and pant sizes need to drop.

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