Friday, November 22, 2013

Fitness Friday: spectating

Today I'm heading to the easy side of the state to watch my dive girl, one of her diving teammates & a relay team from our high school compete in the Division 1 State Championships.

This is K's first time qualifying for state & I'm busting with pride over how hard she's worked & her accomplishments this season. I still can't believe that she's one of the top 36 divers in division 1 in the entire state of Michigan!

State wasn't even on our radar when the diving season started this year. K is proof that you should never say never and when you work your ass off, great things happen.

Think happy, safe, strong, clean diving thoughts today & tomorrow for all 36 girls in Michigan who qualified to compete for the state championship today.

(Thanks to K for her shameless use of the selfie since she refused to let me take her picture before she left yesterday.)

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