Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Safety First! #runchat

Yes, it's "Weigh-in Wednesday" and I was down a little bit this week, but in light of recent events, I wanted to send out this reminder instead.

Light yourself up, people.  A very well-known runner in the Grand Rapids, MI running community was killed a couple nights ago after being hit by a car.  It was only 6:15 at night but it was DARK.  The time change means many of us are running at dusk or after dark (or in my case, still running in the morning when it's dark) and it's better to look like a dork than to not be seen.

A couple nights before this, someone I know almost hit a cyclist who was biking at midnight with NO LIGHTS and all black clothing.  Really, this is beyond dumb.

If you are going to be out walking, running, cycling or whatever any time near dusk, dawn or dark, PLEASE wear the appropriate safety gear.

  • headlamp or KnuckleLights
  • reflective vest
  • blinky lights on your front and back
  • leave the music at home or wear only one ear bud and don't get lost in your music
Just having clothing with a few reflective markings isn't good enough.

Be safe out there my friends!

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