Friday, December 27, 2013

Jax Bank Half: midnight thoughts & goals

I hadn't planned on posting today but I'm wide awake in the middle of the night so I figured I'd use my insomnia wisely.

My flight to Jacksonville leaves in about 11 hours (probably the cause of my insomnia since I'm not a big fan of flying) and I'm laying here thinking about the race in 2 days.

I know I said there would not be time goals posted. I'm not backing down from that. However, I do have numbers in my head because that's just who I am. I've had some good runs the past 2 weeks but I'm still dealing with constant heel pain and now some knee pain on the opposite side because I'm sure I'm subconsciously altering my gait or something. I've raced injured before but not quite like this. I'll let you know next week what I decided to do with those numbers and how much my heel impacted my run. With the weather forecasting rain and in all likelihood humidity, this may just be a splash in the puddles and have fun sort of race. Mostly I'm looking forward to the DailyMile meetup Friday night. The run is just a bonus at this point :)

If you'd like to track me during the race, you can download the free RaceJoy app (droid & apple versions I think). Sorry I'm too lazy to try and find the link. Scroll down to select the Jacksonville Bank Marathon and search for my bib number 1482. If my phone & the app are working it's supposed to use GPS tracking to show where I am on the course. I'll probably also set it up to post to FB and twitter. If there is rain of biblical proportions, I will probably leave my phone in the car & the on-course markers will track me instead. Otherwise, watch for the Instagram of a tired me with my bling sometime Sunday morning (at least I hope it's still morning when I finish) because not finishing is not an option.

It's now even more middle of the night than it was when I started this and I'm yawning so I should try and sleep before I need to head to the airport. Have a great weekend, friends!

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