Thursday, December 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday: irritations

Totally random thoughts this morning.

1. Athleta keeps sending catelogs and I want it all. Seriously, how awesome is this running outfit? I've always wanted to try a vest and I'm a sucker for any shirt with thumbholes.

Also, I want the model's legs and ass but I'm too lazy to work that hard.

2. A guy was here yesterday replacing our electric meter.  I remembered to reset all the clocks...except the one on my Keurig.  Morning coffee fail.  Luckily it heats up pretty quickly.

3.  Training for a race at an odd time of year makes it really hard to have social runs with friends.  Who wants to run 14 miles in 17 degree weather when everyone else is only running 5?  No one.  Not even me.  I'm really struggling with how to get my long run in this weekend.  Any suggestions?

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