Sunday, June 28, 2009

How many points in wine?

Ok, I've been really good-spectacular even-all week with my exercise and points. My "evil" daughter (I really do love her skinny little gymnastics toned butt) made cookies this week and I've had 1/2 a cookie all week. Today we had friends over to swim in the pool we are babysitting (along with the puppy who lives there) and then had them over for dinner. I had a veggie burger for dinner while everyone else had burgers or hot dogs (which I LOVE). We broke out the wine. I think I've had 2 or 3 glasses (probably 3 with as buzzed as I am right now). I've now dipped into my 35 "bonus" points for the week (it is day 7). That's why we save them, right? Ever notice how you eat more when you've had alcohol? At least I do. I think it is the "oh well" attitude that comes with a good buzz. I came to blog to step away from the table. Only the red wine is left, which I didn't like as much, so I should be ok now. What sucks is that I have to put the wine points on my log. This goes back to my title question, how many points are in wine? I just looked it up. 2 points for 4 oz. I've had 6 points worth of wine! At least I didn't have a bun with my veggie burger!

I hope everyone else has had a successful, healthy week. I'm planning to run this wine off tomorrow! Wish me and my headache luck.


  1. 6 points isn't bad. :) I'll repeat what you told me...the main thing is the company. :)

    But, I know what you mean about the alcohol making you eat more.

  2. not familiar with points, but most have about 100 calories. i have to plan for one glass and then lock the fridge door!!

    welcome to the sisterhood!!


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