Friday, February 12, 2010

Re-Think Your Shrink: Final Monday Project Link-up

I can't believe it has been (almost) 7 weeks since the Re-Think Your Shrink challenge began. Have I changed my thinking with regards to my weightloss efforts? Let's see....

How did I do these past 7 weeks? Well, I did quite well in this challenge, thank you very much! I managed to lose 7.2 pounds and earned my 10 pound button (see it over on the left?). I've also been literally working my a** off :) I've been working out almost every day and started training for a 10K. Just in the past 2 weeks I've logged 20.56 miles on my Nike+. That's freakin' huge for me, people!

Did I discover my patterns/fall into old patterns/make new patterns? I've discovered that, for me, tracking what goes into my pie-hole makes all the difference in the world. I'm making myself accountable. I can go back to my logs at dailyplate and see if I've had too much in and/or not enough burning it off. The livestrong app I bought for my phone was one of the best couple bucks I've ever spent.

Did I do anything differently/get out of my comfort zone? For anyone who found my vlog, you know this is a resounding "YES". I am such a complete dork, but I had fun doing it. I've said when I hit the 20# loss mark, I'll do another one.

Have I re-thunk my shrunk? I think I have. I've always had the know-how and the basic tools to lose weight, but this time around, I have a great support system to cheer me on (or give me a kick in the keester if I need it). For that, I am eternally grateful.

Are there pictures? I hadn't planned on putting in "after" pictures because I'm really not to the "after" point yet and I don't think the weight loss really shows. However, the pants I put on a couple days ago prompted me to take a few new shots. (Now, bear in mind that I am taking these of myself, with a tripod, and I am in no way a decent photographer.) You can't really see it from the photos, but these pants are so baggy that I have to wear a belt and keep having to hike them up. All of my belts are also now to the tightest notch. I really don't want to buy new pants yet, because I hope to get quite a bit smaller, but I may have to invest in some new belts, or maybe a little bit of tailoring.

Here's the before:

Here are the after:

(I must appologize for the layout of this posting. I really need a blog upgrade!)


  1. wooohoo, girl those pictures are awesome!! and you did AWESOME this challenge, scale and non-scale victories everywhere!! congrats!! i'm the same way, i HAVE to track my food and I have really become a believer in it for everyone! I mean, we wouldn't just spend money without paying attention to our checkbooks, right? it's like the same thing! anyways, great job! loved the vlog and can't wait for the next!! you're so cute!

  2. You are doing an awesome job. This challenge was absolutely the best challenge yet for me. Sounds like it was great for you too.

  3. Look at you hot momma...way to make those pants too big! You have done great this challenge...keep it up. 2010 is getting off to a great start! Bari


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