Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True Confession Tuesday: The Experiment Edition

True Confessions

Ok, so last week I was up a little bit (.8 lbs) and sorta freak out. I had been eating and working out with a vengeance and was shocked to see a gain. Looking back at my dailyplate calorie logs, it appeared I was possibly not eating enough to counterbalance all the exercise, so I decided to experiment with upping my net calories to around 1450.

Let me tell you, I think it was a HUGE mistake. By Sunday morning, I had gained another 2.2 lbs! Egads! Granted, a good portion of this might have been salt (or the two beers I had Saturday night to add calories when I wasn't hungry-yeah, I did that-this is true confessions, is it not????) Anyway, I readjusted and since Sunday I have worked to stay around 1200 net. We'll see what happens at weigh-in tomorrow, but I'm certainly not expecting a loss.

I follow a blog by a very funny man. He wrote a great post a week or so ago about how you never know how the scale ("Miss Fussbritches" to him) will treat you from week to week. It was what I needed to hear. Sometimes you do everything right and the scale treats you like crapola ("Epic Fail" as my son would say). Other weeks, you eat like crapola and you are somehow rewarded with a loss. I guess it is one of those mysteries we may never understand. Whatever happens tomorrow, I will brush myself off and get back to business. How about you?


  1. That's right, Bari. Just dust off your britches and get back in the saddle. You are doing great and there is no doubt that you can meet your goals! Congrats on the medals!! You're AWESOME!!

  2. Great attitude, Bari! You're finding what works for you -- unfortunately in doing that, you also have to find out what DOESN'T work for you. In the long run it will be well worth the few extra weeks of experimenting. Keep up the great work!

  3. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the mysteries of the body. I'm SO with you on that one!


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