Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Re-Think Your Shrink: The Final Weigh-In

Holy Cats! How did 7 weeks go by so quickly? I can't believe we are at the end of this challenge already. Have I "Re-Thought My Shrink"? Let's see.

I started this challenge at 161.2 pounds. Today's weight: 154.0! That's 7.2 pounds down for this challenge (and 11.8 since I joined the sisterhood last summer at 165.8#). The 160's have left the building and I am on my way OUT of the 150's! Obviously, I must be doing something right. I really think I have "re-thought my shrink." I have decided to embrace technology and let it help me this time around. I love my online tracking tool Daily Plate (you can find it at or as an app through i-tunes). I've started using a Nike+ chip to track my runs and have started training for a 10K. (Now if I can only dig-out today to find a treadmill for today's run, I'll be a happy camper.) I've been working through the 6-week challenge on Wii EA Sports Active More Workouts on non-run days.

I haven't changed my eating habits that much, other than the tracking. I think the exercise and just making myself accountable have been the biggest changes during this challenge. I even managed to step outside my comfort zone and vlog for the first time when I reached the 10 pound mark. (Maybe there will even be a vlog 2.0 when I earn my 20 pound button.)

Thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful, ladies I have "met" through this journey. From the bottom of my heart, I couldn't have accomplished this much without your love, humor, and rockin' support!

See you all in the Shrinking Jeans Olympics! Don't worry, Christie O, I'm not going anywhere!


  1. i've been a faithful plater since this time last year. isn't it great?

    and wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo! on the loss. great job.

  2. Good job on all your positive changes! You have got it going on!

  3. Great loss for the challenge! You are awesome!!!

  4. yayyy!!! i'm glad you're not going anywhere!! and congrats, girl! i so loved loved loved the vlog! you're doing so awesome, i can't wait till you meet goal and we get to see it! great job this challenge!

  5. Bari,
    I am so proud of you! You totally blew through the 160s, girl!!!

    Ditto on the love and support! It's a two-way street, and you've been burning up the road, girl. THANK YOU for everything you've given us!

  6. Yay, Bari!! That's amazing! You are going to be out of the 150's before you know it!

  7. Wow!! You are really kickin' this weight off!! Great job on getting out of your comfort zone and doing the Vlog!! Awesome job!!


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