Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday and the 21 Day Challenge

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 149.2

Last Week's Weight: 149.2

This Week's Weight: 149.2

Loss This Week: 0.0

Loss for Challenge: N/A

Total Pounds GONE: 16.6

This week has been a bit of a let down for me. I ate like crap over the weekend and have not exercised as much as I should have. My 10k is in 1 1/2 weeks and I did a massive run on Monday, only to aggravate my knee and my shin. Crap. So, I'm taking it easy for the rest of the week. I was excited when I received my race confirmation in the mail and saw what my number was going to be. Maybe you'll hear about it in a vlog after the race. Wait, did I just type that out loud? Yes, I'm thinking about vlogging about my 10k. I said I would vlog when I hit the 20 pound weight loss mark, but that is just a bit elusive for me right now and I really want to share my race with all of you. The hitch is going to be getting Mr. Shrinking Chick to be my videographer, but I'm working on him. He was so cute on my last vlog-maybe he'll even make a voice-over appearance again.

Now onto the new challenge. I have to think of some type of behavior or habit to commit to for the next 21 days. I am going to shoot for 2:
  1. No late night snacking. Nothing to eat after 9 pm. I chose 9 pm because there are some nights that we don't even eat dinner until close to 8:00, and I still need to be able to eat dinner ;)
  2. Get some form of physical exercise every day for at least 25 minutes. This might be with Jillian's shred (hense the 25 min stipulation), Wii EA Active, take a walk, ride my bike, or do a run. Obviously, if I run I'll get in a lot more than 25 minutes, but this is just the minimum. I'm keeping it flexible to accommodate my tapering for the 10k and due to wanting to stay as un-injured as possible in the next 10 days.
  3. Oops, just thought of a 3rd. I'm going to keep running after this 10k. I'm thinking about another one this summer and I'd like to keep improving my times. That means I don't take months off like the last time I did a race.

The last time we did this challenge back in August 2009, I vowed to take vitamins and do push-ups and sit-ups every day. I still take my vitamin at least 5/7 days every week. The push-ups and sit-ups? Not so much, unless you count the 30 day shred days. Let's hope I do better this time around.


  1. ooh how fun - a vlog! and if the mister won't play along you just threaten to get the hookers after him ;)

  2. Hope you are feeling better today Bari! I'm with you on the vitamins....they aren't doing any good just sitting in my cabinet!!!

  3. I love this post! Mine are vitamins and no calories after 9pm. :D You'll rock this challenge just like the last!

  4. Ok, so the no calories after 9pm is hard! I've ALMOST caved the past 2 days and we are only 2 days into this challenge. I drank water instead of eating, but good gravy, I need some serious help!

  5. I would love to do a race!! I'm going to start running more when I am down to 180. Right now, I'm still having a hard time getting in shape, and I know running too much will KILL me! lol I hope you do Vlog!

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  6. Krissy-Don't let your weight stop you from running if that is what you want to do. Just start slow and make sure you get fitted for the proper shoes. The C25K program is the one I started with, then I moved up to a 10k program. I also don't run continuously-I follow a run-walk interval method. Way easier on my body. A lot of us do run-walks and we love them. I've found I'm actually faster overall with intervals than if I try to run the entire time. There is a quote from a t-shirt I saw that you should hear: "Running will not kill you, you'll pass out first". Seriously, I hope you try it. You may learn to love running (and the calorie burn is awesome!).


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