Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monday Project Link-Up: Outside

After a week of abso-freakin-lutely beautiful weather in Michigan, my daughter and I decided today would be our workout-together day.  I did a short, 2 mile run, while she biked along with me.  The light drizzle that was happening when we started out turned into a downpour within minutes.  I had planned on 3 miles, but it was looking like possible lightening, so we turned around at the 1 mile point.  We are wusses. Safety first!

I hate love running in the ran! I needed to do an early morning run to get ready for next Saturday's 10k and running in the rain made it that much more bankable.  It really wasn't so bad.  Granted, I only ran for a little over 20 minutes.  Talk to me again next week if the weather is the same and I've had to run in it for over an hour :)

I hope everyone else's outside activites were a bit drier than ours!


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  1. i love running in the rain, but your daughter is a brave woman to bike it in! :)


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