Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: 21 day challenge report card

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 149.2
Last Week's Weight: 148.4
This Week's Weight: 146.0
Loss This Week:  2.4
Loss for Challenge: 3.2
Total Pounds GONE: 19.8

It is Weigh-In Wednesday over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and to be honest, I just don't get it.  I've been eating crap and not logging my food.  Check that, I just logged my breakfast-yeah me.  Due to a minor foot injury from my 10k, I haven't run, or really done any decent exercise, in over a week.  I did bike 10 miles on Saturday and sorta did the Tworkout last night, but over the course of a week when I'm used to working out pretty hard, that is nothing that isn't much but should count for something.  Considering how hard the strength moves were last night, my loss this week could very well be muscle.  That would totally suck.  Either way, I'm going to take the loss and be happy with it.

Since this is the end of the 21 Day Challenge, I should report how I did on those goals.  In the spirt of the school year coming to an end, I'm grading myself.  Here were my goals back on April 28th:

  • No late night snacking. Nothing to eat after 9 pm. I chose 9 pm because there are some nights that we don't even eat dinner until close to 8:00, and I still need to be able to eat dinner ;)
This one I met for 20/21 days.  Last night I grabbed a cookie before bed.  Oops.  As soon as I ate it I realized what I'd done.  Nobody is perfect, and that's like a 95%, so I'm giving this goal an A.

  • Get some form of physical exercise every day for at least 25 minutes. This might be with Jillian's shred (hence the 25 min stipulation), Wii EA Active, take a walk, ride my bike, or do a run. Obviously, if I run I'll get in a lot more than 25 minutes, but this is just the minimum. I'm keeping it flexible to accommodate my tapering for the 10k and due to wanting to stay as un-injured as possible in the next 10 days.
EPIC FAIL on this one.  Preventing injury before my race and then dealing with injury after meant this goal went down the crapper. I could have sucked it up and tried the pool, done strength training, or biked more, but I didn't.  F

  • Oops, just thought of a 3rd. I'm going to keep running after this 10k. I'm thinking about another one this summer and I'd like to keep improving my times. That means I don't take months off like the last time I did a race.
I'm giving myself an INCOMPLETE on this one.  I had every intention of continuing my running training after my race, and actually tried 3 days later, but my fraked up foot has me on the DL for now.  I've been told to rest 1 more week, then I'm going to get back out on that pavement.  I'm thinking the 10k at the end of June is probably out, but there is another in mid July that could happen.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So how did I do overall?  Did I pass?  I'm going to say, yes.  My average is a C, and I've been given a timeline extension on that last goal.  Not what I'd hoped for overall, but my scale and head seem to be moving in the right direction.  I'm committed to getting back on track.  Let's hope I can keep moving forward.

Thanks Sisters for the great challenge.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next week!


  1. I think you passed. Injuries happen. It's how you choose to deal with them that matters.


  2. I'm impressed with your grading system AND your writing. AND the fact that, even with an injury, you posted a loss which must be a result of the habit you got an A in! Just goes to show, right?

  3. Oh, injuries are no fun! But Lissa is right, its all in how you deal with them. Give yourself some rest, it really does wonders!
    And hooray for the late night snacking (or lack thereof).That is super hard. I struggle with that, well, every night!
    And? Great loss! Wow!

  4. woohoo for losing again! you'll be racing again in no time!

  5. You certainly passed! I think you did a great job.

  6. I would definitely say you passed, girl. There's nothing you can do about the injury, so don't beat yourself up! You did a 10K for pete's sake!!!

    And way to go on the amazing loss for the challenge! I'm so proud of you!!!

  7. that's an awesome loss for the week :) you get a gold star on your report card

  8. You definitely passed! Great job!

  9. Hey, just popped over from Brooke's blog and saw that you were from Grandville, MI my husband and I just moved from GVSU to Houston! Grandville always makes me think of Rivertown Mall! I bet it is starting to get really pretty out there this time of year!


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