Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Confession Tuesday: In a Rut

True Confessions

It is True Confession Tuesday over at the Sisterhood and these are my confessions:
  • Due to my stupid foot still giving me grief, I have done next to nothing in the way of exercise this week.  I'm hoping to tworkout a bit tonight, but I saw my chiropractor today and he said no impact for another week since I still feel some twinges with walking and biking.  Sucks @$$ bigtime.
  • I had to make cookies for the Wonder Twins' confirmation class on Sunday.  Yes, I've eaten my fair share entirely too many cookies.  Leftover cookies someone else made also made it back to my house.  I may have just had 3 (ok, it was 5) cookies for dinner Sunday night and nothing else.
  • It is Teacher Appreciation Month at school and there have been lots of healthy snacks treats in the lounge and I haven't been very good about staying out of there.  Chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  Really?  I'm thankful that our parents love us, but seriously!  It's a wonder the entire teaching staff doesn't need to go on Biggest Loser.
  • I feel I am in a complete rut when it comes to tracking what I eat.  I ♥ my Livestrong Daily Plate app, but I haven't been very faithful about logging what I've been stuffing in my pie hole eating this week.  Pretty dangerous combination of no exercise and eating without tracking has me a bit concerned that I"m losing control.
  • Not being able to run also has me very scared.  I know it's only been a little over a week, but I'm worried that I will lose everything I've gained physically and mentally, not to mention gain back the 20 pounds I've lost.  I need to get my freaking head screwed back on straight.
Those are my confessions.  How did everyone else do this week?  Did you stay the course or take a little detour?  Go blog about it and link back up with the Sisterhood and tell us how you did.


  1. Bari, take a deep breath!!! You do not have control of your foot, and that is so hard to digest, I know. I felt the same way when my foot was giving me the fits a few months back. Rest assured that you won't undo all the hard work you've done! I didn't run for 2 weeks, and then got right back to it, without problem. My advice is to hit the pool if you can for some aqua jogging if you can. It's not the same, but it will be good for you!!

    On the food, I can't be the pot calling the kettle black, because you and I are both on the same path right now. How about we kick each other's asses back into shape? Seriously. I need to get back on tract STAT!!!!


  2. I have done HORRIBLE for the last few weeks...and you will see what i mean when I do my weigh in post later today.

    We all have molehills every now and then, it's just deciding to get over them rather then sitting down and sulking (like I have been).

    I'm gonna check out that app...I need something new.


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