Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: The What the Frak? Edition

Sisterhood 21-Days Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 149.2
Last Week's Weight: 145.8
This Week's Weight: 148.4
Gain This Week: up 2.6
Loss for Challenge: -.6
Total Pounds GONE: 17.4
It is Weigh-In Wednesday over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and I am feeling very pissed at myself.  So pissed that I almost took the 20# button I earned last week back off of my blog. 
I had a tremendous accomplishment this past Saturday of running my first 10k race.  You can watch my vlog about it here.  I felt amazing afterwards and extremely proud of myself.  However, by Saturday night I felt like I'd been hit by a bus.  Parts of my body that are usually sore after running weren't, but I had pain in both feet unlike anything I'd ever had before.  That wasn't something I'd expected.  I could barely walk, much less workout this weekend, but I still seemed compelled to eat everything in site.  (Although I hardly ate anything Saturday after the race other than a Mudslide and a salad from TGIF's for dinner because my stomach was a mess.)  My weigh-in today reflected those very poor choices and only proves that I am no where near finished with this weightloss journey.   The sad thing is that I gained all 2.6 pounds SINCE SATURDAY.  I was still at 145.8 on race morning.  Apparently taking a few days off from exercise isn't going to be allowed.  EVER.  Neither is eating pizza (which I made at home with only about 1/2 a sausage link and tons of veggies on my share).  Neither is hamburgers and fries (also made at home).  I even tried running again last night and it was a disaster. I felt fine for about 1.5 miles and then the pain in the feet came back.  I hobbled home from the gym in tears.  I'm scared and frustrated and pissed off and I don't like it.  How am I supposed to continue to lose weight or even maintain if I can't run or do any cardio?????  What the frak am I supposed to do now?  I know one gain shouldn't send me into this much of a tailspin but it did.  I literally gained 10% of my weightloss back in 4 fucking days!
Oh, and those new habits we are supposed to be forming?  Obviously getting 25 min of exercise a day in didn't happen, but I did manage to avoid eating after 9 pm all nights last week.  I would have thought that would count for something, but apparently not. 

On a positive note, my kids are performing the National Anthem tomorrow night at the local minor league baseball game with their middle school band.  That is very cool, except dinner is going to be baseball food and the weather is calling for thunderstorms. 

Also, K qualified for the conference track finals in long jump!  She is THE 7th grade long jump champ for her middle school and competes against 7th grade champs from around the conference Monday night.  She also has a band concert that night, so we have to haul butt back from the meet 40 minutes away in time for her to perform in her concert.  Thankfully, there are only 21 days of school left and then maybe I will start to feel sane.


  1. oh bari, first of all, CONGRATS ON YOUR 10K!!!!! that's huge! i don't know what's up with the foot though, and it is totally frustrating when you're sidelined, but I'd definitely give it a rest and if it doesn't go away, go see someone, just in case! i'm really sorry you're frustrated, but just think, a week or two pause on the journey is just like stopping for gas (or because of gas, whichever -- LOL) but you will totally come back strong and kick more butt. Seriously just stay the course! Just a small hiccup, but you'll do it! (If it helps, I had to go through an angry phase just around the same point of the journey you're at. It was the phase where I had to become one with the fact that I have the bodytype that will not allow me to sit around and do nothing and eat like crap. It's frustrating that my body hates me and it took me a long time to be one with it.)

    Love you girl! Hang in there! And cling to those 10k victories real tight, mkay? Cause they're awesome.

  2. i'm sorry - you and i seem to be having a similar type day. its really not as bad as it seems, the smoke just needs to clear a little so you can get a better picture of what's going on.

  3. Again, congrats on the 10k,my first race ever was a 10k and I'll never forget it! Rest lady, your body is telling you what to do and you will come back stronger than ever!

  4. I'm proud of you for rocking that 10K (totally loved the vlog, by the way). Try not to beat yourself up. And don't take that 20# button down. You'll get it back - and then some!

  5. Congrats on the 10k, lady! That's an amazing accomplishment. And another congrats for sticking with your non-snacking habit! That's great!

    I know the gain is frustrating, but it's just a speed bump. Don't let it completely derail you. YOU CAN DO THIS!


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