Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Confession & a New Blog Layout!

I have to admit, I've been pretty good this week.  As for my 21 days project, I haven't snacked after 9 pm, except for Saturday night when I went out with some friends.  I haven't quite made the "exercise everyday for 25 minutes" pledge, but I have gotten some in, including a 3 mile run today and a 2 mile run in a downpour on Saturday.

As for my confession:  I had a lot to drink Saturday night.  We went to a new bar/restaurant that opened Saturday night.  The menu was primarily vegan and we had the most incredible, vegan "chicken" wings.  They were loaded with buffalo sauce (but no butter-vegan, remember) and I swear they tasted better than the wings from Hooters.  I ate a delicious burrito (black beans, rice and sweet potato-yum!).  Then there was the sangria.  OMG.  After we ate here, we walked around downtown and hit a couple more bars.  We then went to a very nice restaurant for dessert.  I had creme brulee and a Spanish coffee.  The server lit it on fire at the table.  Yeah.  Went over my calories a bit, but had a great time out with friends.  I'm not ashamed.

Here's a glimpse at what my Saturday debacles looked like.  My picture mosaic didn't quite turn out how I hoped, but if you click on the image, you should be able to view each individual picture.  I'm still working on this techie thing:

PS-did you see I have a button for my blog now!!!!!  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Mendie, for creating it for me.  Doesn't she just RAWK!  She's also helping me with my photo mosaics, but clearly I am a work in progress.  You should follow her here.  Go ahead, I'll wait.



  1. Looks great Bari! Maybe it would be easier to add the picture in blogger then add the link to that pic instead...sorry! I did leave you some comments though.

    Good job for running in the rain!

  2. sounds like a fantabulous weekend! :)


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