Monday, September 20, 2010

FitBlogGuide Wants to Send Me (or You) to Fitbloggin 11

Did you hear?  Those amazing folks, Josie and Ryan, over at Fit Blogger's Guide are giving away a ticket to Fitbloggin '11!  I SOOOOOOOOO want to go this year and hope random (or the rabbit pulling names out of his hat) picks my name.  But because I love you all (and for the extra entry), I decided to tell my lovely readers about their contest.  Now, if you've already purchased your ticket, they will reimburse the cost if you win!  How's that for awesome?

So head on over and enter.  What are you waiting for?


  1. How fabulous would it be if you WON????? :)

  2. Stop telling people! I wanna win! LOL

    Just kidding! (mostly)


  3. I so want to win this. For realz. If I win, I'm going fo-sho!


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