Monday, November 7, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 43

How in blazes have we made it through October and into November already?  Did all of you enjoy your extra hour of sleep Saturday night? I used it as an excuse to stay out later - oops.

Here's my week in review:
Happy Halloween!  Considering I thought we had agreed we were going to hide and not hand out candy this year, I thought the giant bowl of all my favorites M bought was rather cruel.
And, for those of you who wanted to know what I did with last week's fabric purchase, I give you: A Bag of Cotton Candy. (All of the teaching staff dressed up as "candy" this year. Please be kind)

Today, I give you a picture of my reward for running the marathon - a bunch of new clothes (excuse the messy closet).  (Also, the nerd in me absolutely loves this date, but I never took a picture of it.)

Happy palindrome day.  The picture has nothing to do with that, but whatever. It's my blog.

My daughter competed in the conference prelims and finished 23/33 after 5 dives.  She qualified for semifinals but bowed out since she wouldn't be able to compete in the finals on Saturday anyway because of a schedule conflict with marching band.  I'm so proud of my girl for how hard she's worked this season.  

We headed to the east side of the state to celebrate my friend Jen's birthday!  An all vegan menu, tons of wine, and the company of good friends was exactly what I needed.

D and K's marching band competed in the state finals and got to march at Ford Field.  They finished 10/12 at finals and 10/15th in the state for Flight 1 (the largest schools).

I almost didn't each lunch on Saturday until I remembered the leftovers in the fridge from Anita's in Ferndale.  (Seriously, if you are ever in the Detroit area - go to Anita's in Ferndale.  Even if you aren't in the area, it's totally worth the drive.)

There you have it.  The end to another busy week.  Hopefully things will settle down a bit now that diving is finished and marching band is almost done.  How was your week?  Anything fun to report?

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