Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kay's Whoville 5k Race Report

Today's race report is being brought to you by my 14 year-old girl, Kay.  Today she ran her first 5k (or there abouts - the course was .1 short).  I asked her to write up a race report (actually several people asked) and this is what she gave me:

"I ran.  It hurt and it was cold.  Thing 1 stole my hat.  I beat my mom.  I got chocolate. :)"

Nice, huh?  So, I decided to interview her instead.  As you can see, she isn't much for words.

How did you prepare for today's race? I didn't. (Truth - she ran twice, 2 miles on the treadmill and 2 miles outside.  But, before you get all upset that she can just go out and run a 5k, she's young and an athlete [diver, sprinter, long-jumper], so don't compare.)

What did you wear? Antler ears and cool socks.
Dan, Melissa, Kay and Bari waiting to start.
What were you thinking while we were waiting to start? I want to go home.

What else? It's cold and there were a lot of people.  And, I got incensed by Buddy the Elf. (Dude in yellow tights dressed up like Buddy.  He was creepier than the Grinch and the tights were NOT flattering. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him.  Well, actually it's best I didn't.)

How did you feel while you were running? I don't know.  I don't think and run.

OK, let me rephrase that.  What were you complaining about? I couldn't breathe and my shoulder hurt. (I give her a lot of credit.  She didn't start complaining until after she ran the entire first mile without stopping.)

How did you feel about the trail and bridges? It was icy. (The icy trail actually freaked me out quite a bit.  It was very slippery and in many places, it was hard to pass slower people ahead of us.)

What did you do when you saw the finish line? I sprinted and beat Mommy. (brat)

What was your favorite part of running the Whoville 5k? The chocolate at the end. 

I'm very proud of Kay for deciding to run this race.  Whether she ever attempts another 5k is the question, but at least she had fun running this one - and she got to beat the Grinch in the process.
3 miles in 33:32

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