Friday, April 6, 2012

Fitness Friday: What's next?

I posted some of these thoughts on my other blog, but decided to include them here, too. I'm feeling discouraged & blue about running lately. Because of the shin splints (or whatever the fuck they are) running HURTS. Shit, even walking hurts now.

I jogged & sucked wind through my half marathon on Sunday, finishing only 10 min slower than my 1/2 PR. I should be happy about that, but I'm pissed that my body really didn't cooperate - and hasn't cooperated for about 2 months now. Race Report
I'm really struggling with what to do about my River Bank 25k in 6 weeks. I really don't want to run it if I won't have a chance at doing well. (Read PR.) But it's also the 35th anniversary of the race & the bling will be very cool (there are no medals for the 5k or 10k, plus I already paid for the upgraded 25k shirt). I have the mud run with Erin & Ali 2 weeks after that. I'd much rather be healthy for the mud run than finish a stupid 15.5 mile race with a shitty time but the more I think about it, the more I still want that 25k medal (I believe I can drop down to the 5k or 10k but might need to pay a penalty.) Also, I'm on the 25k team for my school but my time won't matter anyway.
I have to keep training distance for fall since I've already paid for Disney's Wine & Dine and I'd like to  run the GR Marathon half in October.
I really don't know what to do. Today I got a message through facebook inviting me to a 3-5 mile run on Tuesday. I can't even walk across the hotel lobby without pain so the thought of not being able to run even 3 miles makes me tear up. I've thought about taking a good 3-4 weeks off from running but I'm a week off already with minimal improvement. Plus, there's no way I could build back up to 15.5 miles 2-3 weeks after that. (I think I actually have 10 or 12 on the schedule tomorrow if I was still following my plan.)
Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?
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