Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking a Break

I'm not really sure what I want to post this week.  The name of my blog is "Live Laugh RUN Breathe" and right now I'm not doing any of those things very well.  A good friend once told me that if I don't have anything to say, I shouldn't say anything.  Right now? I feel like all I would type here would be negative and I don't want to do that to the readers I have and risk losing any of you.

Today, I'm hobbling around on crutches with a really ugly boot covering my stress fracture while I wait for MRI results.  I hate it (the boot/crutches & waiting), but I'm trying to look on the brightside - I've always wanted really toned arms, I just thought maybe God would come up with a different way for me to get them.

I'll be back when I figure out what this space will be for (feel free to leave me some suggestions - what would YOU like me to write about?).   Please don't go too far away.

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