Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 12 Days of Christmas: My Dream Wish List

Way back when, I asked for updated questions for my 20 questions page and one of the questions was "If you could rewrite the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas, what would the gifts be?"  Now, being the totally NON-creative person that I am, I chose to ignore the question put that question on the back burner.  Now that we are into the holiday season it's time to start thinking about those gifts.  (Don't you know that happens right after Halloween? I mean, seriously, the red cups are out at Starbucks and walk into your local Walmart or Target and Christmas is HERE!)

Anyhoo...I really struggled with how to write this.  Do I do 12 totally outrageous gifts? 12 things runners would love? 12 dream vacations? Just say 12 minutes/hours/days of peace and quiet?  The cure for cancer? (Because, let's face it, that would totally and completely rock.) Ask for world peace and that all the political commentary on Twitter and Facebook go away? What? Clearly I have a problem with overthinking things, so I decided to have fun with this and wish for a bit of a mix.  It's mostly it's outrageous and full of dreams and fun.

I apologize in advance that this doesn't rhyme, is actually in reverse order like the last verse of the song, and probably can't really be sung to the 12 Days of Christmas tune, but I gave it my best shot. Enjoy :)

On the 12th day of Christmas, my (insert your relationship to me here) gave to me....
  • 12 Night Mediterranean Cruise - Disney has one! Might as well start big. Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta.  OMG it would be a dream vacation for sure. 
  • 11 Green Bay Packers - yep, I'd like to hang out on the sidelines and watch the 11 men on the field. Really, this would work for any NFL team, except the Bears. I hate the Bears.  If we could rewind to the Brett Favre days, that would be even better, but Aaron Rodgers works too :)
  • 10 years worth of college tuition - 5 years for each twin so they get a start on grad school, too. College is expensive yo!
  • 9 minute miles, consistently, for long distances, with ease. 
  • 8 solid hours of sleep every night
  • 7 runDisney entries to the long races I still need to complete to have a full set of medals for the 10 mile, half and full races from Disney :)
  • 6 pack of assorted beers to share - sometimes it's the little things :)
  • 5 multicolored rings - as in the 5 Olympic rings - as in I want to go to Rio in 2016 (I'm much more interested in the summer Olympics than the winter games, so 2014 in Sochi doesn't interest me as much). 
  • 4 wheels attached to a new car. Preferably one that doesn't leak oil and have a big dent in the back bumper from being backed into a pole (seriously, who does that? oh yah, me). A Porsche Cayenne or Audi A8 come to mind, but a Mini Cooper would also be fun and much more affordable.
  • 3 day work-week so I can have long weekends to travel, run and visit friends.
  • 2 cute new running tanks from Lululemon to contain the girls - I'd like this one and this one, please and thank you :)
and an entry to the Honolulu Marathon (including airfare, hotel accommodations, and a great running partner to get me through it)!

So, what does this list say about me? Does any of it surprise you? Feel free to steal this idea and post your own 12 Days of Christmas wish-list. What would be on your list?

**fyi - if you try to sign in to comment through twitter it will probably say you are "@undefined". Please don't use twitter for now - I'm trying to figure out why this is happening - but please keep commenting!**

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