Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday: Changes

I had a completely different post all ready to go today. It was full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and shit. But the fact of the matter is that I'm not feeling very rainbow-y. Not even a little.  I'm definitely not feeling sunshine and unicorns.

When I started this blog several years ago, it was called "Diary of a Shrinking Chick". I was very involved with The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and used this space to chronicle my weight loss. It morphed into more of a running blog & that's totally ok. Everyone evolves & changes.

But sometimes we slide backwards.

Sometimes it seems we've forgotten everything we learned about eating healthy and taking care of ourselves.

Sometimes we are very unkind to ourselves and our friends call us out on it.

I need to be called out because right now I'm NOT being very kind to myself. I really don't like the place I'm in. I'm not taking about just my weight (we'll get to that atrocity in a minute). I'm talking about the need to be accountable and the need to love myself again. The desire to love what I see in the mirror and be proud of the work it took to get there.

Today I weighed in at 153.6.

This has been my log for the past 3 months. Yes, I'm posting my weight again and the number really makes me want to puke. Even worse is the fact that I was down to 148 (10 pounds from "goal") just a couple weeks ago and I've gained almost all of it back. The trend that line is taking is scary.

So, this space is changing again.  At least on Wednesdays.  It might just be a picture of my scale or I might talk about what's going on, but in either case, it will be my one day a week to make myself accountable to the world (or at least those of you who follow me here).

Hopefully I'll see that number shrinking again - I figure, it worked before, maybe it will again.

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