Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Training Tuesday: taking a break

At the moment, I am on a little hiatus from training which makes writing a "Training Tuesday" recap a tad difficult.  It's taken some time to get my mojo back after tanking at Disney and frankly, I'm not excited about "training" again.  At least not yet.  I need to rediscover what I love about running and working out in general.

No races are scheduled and after knocking my spur-of-the-moment 5k out of the park on Thanksgiving morning, I'm inclined NOT to race again this year (although some think I should try and get in a 10k for a killer PR attempt before the end of the year, but there just aren't any "official" ones close by now that the snow is starting to fly and what if I f*ck it up? I'd rather end the racing year on a high note, thankyouverymuch.).  For the time being, I'm content to run when I want, hop on my trainer (that I finally got set up in my basement - LOVE IT!) and just ride, and throw in a little strength work if I feel like it.  I haven't been a complete slouch.  In the past week, I completed 1 strength workout (ok, major slouch there), cycled 3 times on the trainer for over 2 hours total, and ran twice for almost 10 miles - and both of those runs were the best runs I've had physically and mentally in a very long time.

I'll take it.

Tomorrow I start PT for my calf and shin, something I probably should have pushed for back in April, but hindsight and all. Blah blah blah.  I'm sure the PT will give me some specific exercises, stretches and whatnot to add into my (currently nonexistent) routine. I'm sure it will hurt like a sonofabitch. I kind of deserve it after what I've put my body through this year.

In a couple weeks, I plan on getting back on the scheduled training bandwagon - when I figure out what I want my focus to be in the next year. But for right now, recovery (physical and mental) IS my training.

ps - the original winner of my Chica Bands giveaway from Suddora never got back with me, so I drew again.  Congrats go out to....

Ally!!! (@ali_konu)

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