Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday: getaways and a winner!

I love vacations.  Being able to spend some time recharging is important to me.  For my birthday last week, I bought myself a little getaway. I unplugged (for the most part) and spent a few days relaxing and exploring. I even went on a short run.

Where did I go? To the Happiest Place on Earth of course!

Where else would a Disney fan go on vacation? That last picture is from the new (started last November I think) Celebrate the Magic show where they projected images onto Cinderella Castle while music played. I was mesmerized and may have even shed a tear or two. (Google it and you can find videos of the show. It's a must see.) I'm a huge fan of the fireworks but this show might be a new favorite.

And now onto the little giveaway I mentioned last week!

Congrats, Erin!!  I have a few little running goodies to send out to you.

Do you have a "Happiest Place on Earth" where you like to go and unwind?

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