Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Training Tuesday: run as escape

I feel like a bad blogger. It's been a crazy week around these parts. (To those of you praying for my dad, thank you. He's doing pretty well after his spinal fusion surgeries but has a long road of rehab ahead.)

I haven't followed much of a training plan lately so I thought I'd just share some pictures from my last couple runs.

I managed to use running to escape from the stress of the hospital on Thursday. After Dad went into his first surgery, I headed out for a run along the Chicago lakeshore. I covered 9 miles - my longest run in many weeks.

Last night I joined a bunch of girlfriends for a run while Dad was in for his second surgery (had I known it would be as complicated & lengthy as it ended up, I would've headed back to Chicago). We're all training for the Michigan Wine Trail Half at the end of August and have been trying to get together for group runs.
(Thank you to Katie for taking pictures.)

We ran a hilly 4.8 miles, including a section that will be part of my first relay leg!

Clearly we feel practice of the wine drinking is also important.

I needed these two runs. It was nice to escape the reality of life for awhile.

What was your last escape?

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