Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Training Tuesday: what should I post?

Since I'm not currently training for anything - other than to continue to fit in my "skinny" jeans throughout the winter - I'm not really sure what to post here.  All of my workouts are on DailyMile (see the widget to the right) so it seems a bit silly to rehash them here.

My current plan is to work on some speed and strength and hopefully lose about 12-15 pounds in the process.  These are two areas I can focus on when the weather starts to go to shit because I can either lift at home (which I did all week), run either inside at the gym or hit the trail, and I have my bike on my trainer at home.  If they translate to some weight loss, that's great.  If not, I won't be devastated since my body seems pretty content to hang out right around 148-150 pounds right now.  More than that would be a problem.

The goal is two-a-days most days - not two runs, because that would be dumb, but a strength and a cardio workout everyday.  There will likely be at least 1 rest day per week as well.  Since I'm just getting back into running after my marathon, the runs this past week were all pretty short - with my longest being a whopping 5 miles.

Weekly totals:
RUNNING - 3 runs for 11.2 miles
BIKING - 2 spins for 19 miles
SWIMMING - 1 swim for about .7 miles
LIFTING - 3 sessions abs, lower body, upper body

Crowd sourcing - What would you like to see here? More specifics, less details, help me out.  I like to look back and see what I've done on a weekly basis but I also want to provide content that is helpful and interesting to you guys.

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