Friday, May 1, 2015

Holy Cow, It's May!

Memes About Final Exams May Help Test Scores, No One Says
Actually, for my smarty pants seniors, they won't have finals but for the rest of you - may the Starbucks be triple and the curve be ever in your favor.

In all seriousness, how in the heck is it May already?  My kids have less than a month of school (really only about 2 weeks since they are exempt from exams) and I'm wrapping up my school year.  Five observations for this Friday:

1.  In just over 3 weeks there will be graduation ceremonies and then graduation parties.

2.  There will be trips for orientation and planning trips to visit kids (and why the heck doesn't Southwest book November thru January until after May 14???).

3.  My kids will be moving away from home.

4. When someone told me Senior year goes by in a flash, I didn't believe them.  Maybe that was because we were in the throws of an endless winter or something, but still.  Dang, it really has flown by!

5. My goals for the next 4 months?  Try to stay sane and drink all the Starbucks.  Somehow also getting back into my skinny jeans (I'm down 5 pounds so it's a start!). Anyone want to buy me a coffee, or better yet, a beer?

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