Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday: back on track

It's been 2 weeks since my little rant here about having gained back so much weight that I was basically back to 2009 when I started blogging.  I saw a number on the scale that I REALLY didn't like and maybe that was the kick in the ass I needed to get back on track.

I've been logging most days and keeping my calories around 1200 (more on days with heavier workouts) and trying to eat more protein and veggies than carbs.

It seems to be working because I'm down 6 pounds.  This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Because I have a race this weekend, I'm making sure to still eat and drink enough and not really limiting my carbs (yet) because I know my body needs fuel for the 25k.  After the race, I'm tightening up  my eating even more.  Some conglomeration between paleo, whole 30 and low carb is my goal because it seems that's what works for me.  I know carbs affect me negatively - I ate too many over the weekend and my weight shot back up and I felt like crap.  My body needs quality protein, healthy veggies, and a limited number of fruits and grains.  I'm going to be taking a sort of sabbatical from distance running so I'm not worried about needing massive amounts of carbs to fuel 2+ hour runs.

Anyhoo...just wanted to give those of you who commented after my rant (thank you, by the way) a little update.  Hopefully the positivity will continue.

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