Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: SDoS Week 8 the Finale

I run with the Sisterhood

I can't believe this challenge has reached week 8 already. That means summer is almost over and I'm going to be getting old and going back to school soon. But before those tragedies happen, today is Wednesday, so that means it's the day we all hop on our scales and report to the Sisterhood our ups and downs. This is the end of our challenge. Did I end on a losing note? I sure hope so.

Here are my stats for the week.

Weight on June 23, 2009: 165.8
Challenge Starting Weight: 146.8
Last week: 142.8
This week: 142.4
Change: down .4 (I'll take it)
Loss For Challenge: 4.4
Total Pounds Gone: 23.4

Looks like this was a pretty successful challenge for me, weight-wise anyway, although I haven't exactly reached my goal yet. I finished my 2nd 10k in unbelievably horrible heat, but still managed to feel pretty good afterwards.  I even ran 3 miles today but decided it is getting way too hot/humid at this point in the year to be running when I am.  Something will need to change or I'm going to end up with heatstroke.  If you read my True Confession post yesterday, you know I am still struggling with a major case of the "fat goggles". I'm having a very hard time seeing the progress I've made. I'm working on trying to focus on the positive, but that is very hard for me.  Luckily, I have some pretty awesome Sisters here who are ready to bitch-slap some sense into me.  The comments yesterday meant the world to me.  I love you girls, you know that, right?


  1. You are doing so well. You've lost weight ran your 2nd 10k you are doing it!

  2. and of course we love you too! :) you need to start getting up earlier so that you can get your runs in. otherwise you'll be banished to the dreadmill!

  3. Great job on the loss for the challenge and doing so well with your running. Love you 2!

  4. Great job! Way to have a successful challenge.

  5. Great job on the challenge. I too have a huge issue with the "fat goggles". I'm working on that too. maybe we can give each other a shove from time to time when we need it. We'll both be fine if we can just get past that. And enough with the getting old. I'm 15 years older than you. Your just a babe. And going back to school, that makes me sad too. We love you too. have a great week.

  6. Congrats on your loss on the challenge and the 10k! Speaking of bitch-slapping, you need to bitch-slap the "fat-googles" OFF! Take a look at a recent 140s pic and compare it to a 160s'll see the difference! But I know it's hard!!

  7. this is a good post with cool snaps of and so fabulous...

    I like your blog and hey am following it

    and hope u likes my blog....)

  8. are SO CLOSE to that 25 pound mark! What's your ultimate goal again?

    Have you kept a list somewhere of your weigh ins? I made a chart once and it really put it into perspective seeing it all in one place how far I'd come...

  9. Yay Bari congratulations!! You have had an awesome year!


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