Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Confession Tuesday

True Confessions
This has been the week for sabotage.  Last Wednesday, I was less than a pound away from the 25 pounds lost mark.  Since then, I've acted like a piranha on a feeding frenzy.  Forgive me sisters, for I have sinned.  Here's the breakdown:
  • movie theater popcorn without butter (about 650 cal in a medium)
  • pretzel m & m's (1260 cal in the whole bag)
  • Twizzlers (1600 cal in the whole bag)
    • These 3 items were shared, but I have to admit I ate WAY more than I should have.
  • pizza (it was homemade, but had sausage and lots of cheese)
  • margarita (or two)
  • assorted chip-like thingies (mostly pita chips)
  • Deep.Fried.Pickles.With.Ranch (OMFG they were A.MAZ.ING)
  • kraut dogs (but minus the dogs due to the food porn on the last bullet point)
  • tater tots with blue cheese sauce (ok-my hubs ordered this at lunch on Sunday and I had to try a few)
  • leftover homemade pizza (it's gone now, thankyouverymuch)
  • my daughter made homemade brownies again (it would have been rude not to have one, or more)
  • I haven't logged my food in over a week.
A few good confessions:
  • I officially registered for my 1/2 marathon
  • I've been really pushing the water
  • I've run 10 miles since last Tuesday
  • I had my annual "girly" checkup and I'm down over 20 pounds since last year.  She didn't even feel the need to order any labs this time, except for one:
  • I got a mammogram today.  Just a reminder to all of you approaching that age (yeah, turning 40 sucks ass), you gotta watch out for your girls.
I've been better since Sunday, but I fear it's too little, too late.  Going into the new Down and Dirty challenge with a gain is going to really suck.  Sorry Team Phab.


  1. the pretzel M&Ms are evil just evil. I went through a bag myself last week. Ahh but aohh so good!

  2. 20 pounds in a year (especially considering how small you are) is pretty darn fabulous!! :)

  3. Movie theater popcorn is my downfall, I love the stuff, at least you got a medium without butter. I would have had the large with extra butter. Maybe it is a good thing we don't go to the movies that often! Good luck keeping on track this week, you can do it. That 25lb button will be yours!

  4. yippee....awesome to see you didn't need any extra tests. I bet the dr was amazed with your loss. So happy that you registered for your half!!!!!! You are awesome!

    ps, can you bring me a sample size of the M&M pretzels when you visit...I am curious. i will give you $1. ;o)

  5. Team Phab still loves you! I think August is a hard month for everyone so it's ok! I love your "good confessions!" So awesome about being 20# down from last year...keep it up!! You'll get the 25# button one way or another!

  6. what movie did you see?

    mmmm deep fried anything! yum!! our state fair is right around the corner & I am craving grease. think I'll be extra good until then so I can blow it all in the 2 days we'll spend there :)

  7. Kim - I saw Salt (pretty good, but not as good as Inception-that was awesome) and then I saw Despicable Me with my son (I'd already seen it once with my daughter while he was at camp, it's very cute).

    Mendie-I will try to remember to bring you some pretzel m&m's, but you really don't want them, they are also like crack. They seriously don't have them in Ohio? There are coconut ones too that I think are good, but easier to stop at only eating a couple.

  8. I don't know what causes those feeding frenzies but I think everybody has them. Fortunately you have positives to offset yours plus the Team Challenge which will save all of us.

  9. We all have feeding frenzies sometimes. The trick is to see it and stop it. A 20 pound loss is so great for a year. Well done. Now, can I just say that Team Phab is going down?


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